Let’s dive in, shall we?


William and Kate are currently relaxing in the Maldives before their upcoming tour down under. Some speculate that they are also “recuperating” from the “exhaustive work” they’ve done so far in 2014 (which hasn’t been much).

Aside from his 10-week course at Cambridge, the Duke of Cambridge has done a few public appearances such as the BAFTAs, and helping in flood relief efforts in Berkshire with Harry.



While the Duchess has only done a handful of appearances thus far.

First there was the Portrait Gala for the National Portrait Gallery, for whom she is a patron.


Only a few days later, Kate made an appearance at a London High School for the opening of its Art Room, for whom she’s been a Royal Patron since 2012.


To finish off her week of work (for the year, thus far) Kate attended the Royal Reception for the Dramatic Arts.


The two have already done their share of vacationing, as well.

Kate and Prince George flew to Mustique for a week with the Middleton’s, while William stayed behind presumably because of his Cambridge coursework.


Curiously enough, upon Kate and baby George’s return to England, William took off to hunt for the weekend in Spain. (With ex Jecca Craig, no less.)


Poor timing, indeed.

After his trip to Spain, where he was hunting, William spoke out at the London wildlife summit against the illegal wildlife trade.


Utterly exhausted from the amount of “work” listed here?

Well apparently, so are Will and Kate. So much so they’ve jaunted off this past weekend to the Maldives, leaving Prince George behind. This move isn’t sitting well with those already weary of the royals and their work ethic… the Royal PR machine must be at its wits-end.

But they’re not stupid.

In the same week Will and Kate leave both fans and critics scratching their heads, the media has come out with claims that Harry and Cressida are “official.”

Well, they attended the same event, at least. An official event for Harry, which Cressida happened to attend with friends, and ran into Harry.


Apparently for the media this insinuates a proposal on the horizon. But I’m not so convinced.

But an immediate date to a rugby match following just days later… well maybe they’re onto something.


Except they forget Harry dated Chelsy Davy for years while being openly affectionate, and that ended without a ring. So who really knows?

But I do applaud the shift of focus to take the heat off of Will and Kate… because they are certainly getting enough of that on their sunny vacation.

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