Is Kate Cressida’s Princess Coach?

Kate Middleton and Cressida Bonas

As engagement rumors continue to swirl around Prince Harry and Cressida, many are reporting that the Duchess of Cambridge is allegedly prepping Cressida for the Princess lifestyle.

Cressida the debutante

Rubbing elbows with royals is nothing new for Cressida as it once was for Kate. I suspect Cressida can hold her own on that front, and quite possibly, even offer some advice to the Duchess… such as not walking ahead of the Queen, and to whom she should curtsy.

York Princesses vs. Kate


Allegedly, the York Princesses don’t fancy Kate all that much. And it seems as though Kate feels the same about them.

Disco drama

The story most cited as having cause the great schism goes back to 2008 when Kate didn’t invite the sisters to The Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco fundraiser. When Princess Beatrice asked Kate about the event, Kate failed to mention the “fancy dress” theme, leaving the Princess a bit embarrassed at the event. Even worse, allegedly, when she tried to ask Kate about it at the event, Kate is said to have simply snubbed her.

“When Princess Beatrice tried to confront Kate at the event she ignored Beatrice and continued to drink shots at the bar. Beatrice confronted her again and again, until Kate told her foul things And finally told her to “Fuck off.”  It was at that event that Beatrice was found crying by a reporter.” || Kate Middleton Criticism

Royal matchmakers

The Princesses are said to have a close relationship with their cousin, Prince Harry. They are credited for having set the Prince up with their good friend Cressida.

York Sisters with Cressida

Some suspect they initially introduced the pair to spite Kate. While this may have been a factor, it seems they may have made a somewhat fitting match. (However, I’m still not convinced.)

Harry and Cressida

William’s unrequited love

This probably stems from the fact that Prince William was turned down by Cressida’s older sister, Isabella Calthorpe. Something that seems to still bother Kate, and maybe even still make her feel a bit threatened.

“No woman makes Kate as insecure as Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe,” a palace insider tells In Touch of Cressida’s half-sister – for whom William left Kate for five years ago.” – In Touch Weekly print edition || Celebitchy

Carole confronted William?

An interesting piece of gossip (so obviously to be taken with a grain of salt) is that William and Isabella had rekindled their relationship to an extent back in 2009, leading Carole Middleton to confront William. While I do think Carole played an immense role in getting William and Kate together, I’m side-eyeing this story to a certain extent. But then again, she seems to be a of a go-getter, to put it politely.

I think Kate should just put on her favorite tiara, take a bubble bath and r-e-l-a-x. She’s already got the ring and the baby. And the ability to jaunt off for vacays with her prince really anytime she fancies… micromanaging your brother-in-law’s love life seems the least of her “problems.”

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