Royal Rewind: Week of March 14, 2014

Prince Harry and Diana

This past week in Royal news…

Prince Edward turned 50 (and I discovered this candid photo from after his birth).

Their Majesties King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium met with Queen Elizabeth II for an official one-day visit.

Some members of the Royal Family attended the Cheltenham Festival and the races were nearly overshadowed by the amount of fabulous hats and fascinators. (Who doesn’t love a perfect fascinator? If only I had more occasions to wear one…)

Prince Harry’s trek to the South Pole will be aired on television. (I’m assuming British, unless the US stations pick it up.)

The latest in the hacking scandal is that Princess Diana supposedly leaked important phone numbers to the press in order to gain allies.

And, of course, more Cressida gossip. It’s being reported that she is “not ready to marry“… which I can understand, although personally, if Harry can’t wait to marry, I volunteer. I’ll have my things pack up and ready to ship to Kensington by morning.

Around the web…

What it would look like if Prince Harry had married Kate. (You can’t unsee this, just a fair warning.)

And, on that topic, apparently Kate might be on Prince Harry’s last nerve.

The Jecca Craig debacle from last month still boggles the mind.

William and Kate will take a mid-tour vacation next month, leaving George again, but only for a two days.

Photo credits: image one

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