Royals gone Vogue.

Royal Vogue Covers

There’s nothing quite like the sitting down with a glossy magazine and getting lost in its pages… add a royal to the mix and it’s a match made in Heaven.

I had intended to include historical facts regarding Vogue and its featuring of Royals in this post, however, after much research, I was unable to find any solid information. So instead of throwing out the post altogether, I figured posts with gorgeous pictures are better than nothing. (If you have any insight please do share! I’d love to include these bits of information!)

Majesties meet magazines

While many Royals have done photo shoots specific for Vogue, many have simply had their photo from other occasions featured on the cover. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Princess Diana, and Princess Anne are among those who have done feature shoots for the magazines. Many others may have, as well, however my research came up short, unfortunately.

What about the Duchess?

While Princess Diana appeared on British Vogue four times, it’s interesting we haven’t yet seen Kate on its cover. There is lots of speculation as to why this may be, most reasons pointing to the Queen’s disapproval.

Anna Wintour’s miss

This past week the latest US Vogue cover was revealed. Not only did it feature Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, it had the hashtag: #WORLDSMOSTTALKEDABOUTCOUPLE as a headline.

We have to agree with our friends at WWKD on this one:

WWKD Tweet


I’d say after this gaffe, Anna Wintour lost her chance of having Kate on her cover, along with millions of subscriptions…

So Royals and magazine covers… what do you think?

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