A Royal Gift Guide: Kate’s First Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Gift Guide for Kate's First Mother's Day

This Sunday is Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom, so I figured a list of potential gifts for Kate’s first year as “mum” was obviously a must. (And, should Will find himself in a pickle last minute, here are some ideas… 😉

1. Because let’s admit it, she is pretty flawless. Well, at least in the eyes of her husband and babe, I would hope. But I think this case is cheeky and would remind her to channel her inner BeyoncĂ©.

2. If William doesn’t get Kate a card that in someway mentions her being “queen” for the day, or of the house etc., what’s the point of it all, really? I mean the opportunities are endless.

3. Kate loves her nail polish, especially this shade, but perhaps she could step out of the box a little and try a different hue.

4. Macrons are such a sweet gesture and elude a sense of chic indulgence. And, if Kate is like me and doesn’t really care for them all that much, they are beautiful to look at…

5. Flowers. For obvious reasons.

6. Fancy, heaven-like pillows (nap included!). I’m sure she has some awesome pillows already, but there’s no such thing as too many pillows. I’m not sure of too much in life, but this I know for sure.

7. Cheeky, romantic, and both sleeping-in and food are referenced. Stop the search, the perfect mug has been located.


To Kate and all you mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

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