Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas Break Up

Somewhat surprisingly, the Royal and the socialite beauty have separated. More surprisingly, everyone from Time to ABC News is reporting on it.

Breakups are the pits no matter who you are, and they have to be utterly miserable when millions of people around the world are watching. I hope Harry’s camp apologizes* to Cressida for their claims of her being ‘too needy’ and the pair can both keep their respect for each other.

Memphis this weekend will certainly be a well-needed respite for the Prince. Maybe he’ll meet his match, and maybe, if we’re really lucky, she’ll be from the USA!

Here’s to hoping both recover from this bummer and it doesn’t become a case of heartbreak warfare.

*Not necessarily in public, but at least privately.


3 thoughts on “Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas Break Up

  1. I don’t think his camp needs to apologize for calling her needy because her camp has been treading on him in the press as well. She would have been a major headache had she married in because that family of hers has been doing nothing but courting the press and leaking since he started dating her. Notice how there are only paparazzi photos of her and engagement rumors when Harry is out of the UK. She also has been represented by StuartWattsPr since they began dating. Those were her intentions from the beginning. I don’t feel sorry for her she tried to play the game and she lost.

    1. You have a really great point. I couldn’t believe it when I heard she had hired PR. Every great romance requires a PR manager. 😉 Well said, and thanks for reminding me of that little (important!) detail!

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