Royal Film Review: ‘Diana’ a film by Oliver Hirschbiegel

Diana Film Poster

Last weekend I finally got around to renting ‘Diana’ after having wanted to see it since seeing its first trailers.

Admittedly, I hadn’t researched the plot, so I was a bit disappointed upon realizing it was merely 90 plus minutes covering the alleged love story of Diana and heart surgeon Dr. Hasnat Khan. Had I been more interested in that aspect of her life, maybe I would have viewed the film with an entirely different opinion.

Naomi Watts did not play a convincing Diana, though you could certainly tell how badly she wished to represent her as authentically as possible. I do give her credit in that regard, as well as credit to the costume department of the movie.


Diana Film Naomi Watts

I’m surprised that this was the piece of Diana’s life the filmmakers decided to cover. Though she had a tragically short life, it was full of fascinating stories from start to finish. Of course, her years as Princess of Wales, as well as immediately following, were among the most interesting. But this little sliver, her affair with the heart surgeon, is a compelling piece, but not hardly feature-film worthy.

With the film’s bad reviews (Rotten Tomatoes, Roger Ebert), outright disapproval from the heart surgeon depicted, and Naomi Watts’ comparison of it to ‘a sinking ship,’ I suppose I shouldn’t have been so surprised to find the whole thing to be a complete flop.

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