Royal Tour Fashion: Kate’s Best Looks


Head-to-Toe Perfection

LK Bennett Dress Kate Middleton Oz Tour From her sleek, pulled-back, age-appropriate hairstyle, to the classy, yet chic silhouette of the poppy L.K. Bennett dress–this look was spot on for the 31-year-old Duchess and the occasion and setting (an early fall, certainly still warm in Australia). The navy blue Alexander McQueen pumps and matching Oroton ‘Odeion’ Clutch in Indigo added just enough polish to the outfit, without being too look at me!

LK Bennett Dress Kate Middleton Oz TourThe Michael Kors’ tweed coatdress Kate wore for her last engagement of the tour, the Anzac Memorial Day Ceremony, was not only a look that is both sophisticated and modern, but was also a modern take on a timeless look. The hat added a perfect finish, and her hair was not as though she had just let it out of sausage rollers (as we so often see it). When her hair wasn’t in the way, the poppy broach was a lovely nod of remembrance. If Kate’s style continues to evolve in this direction, we have a lot to look forward to fashion-wise.

LK Bennett Dress Kate Middleton Oz Tour

I didn’t love this suit by Luisa Spagnoli, but the look, overall, was lovely. Red suits Kate, and her hair pulled back always makes her look her age. (I feel like when she wears her hair down she is trying to look overly youthful, which in the cruel ways of life, actually makes her look far beyond her years.) The peplum at the waist added some curves and she looked like this was something she would have worn pre-Duchess days. It is a recycled piece, and I think the way she styled it is simple chic. 

Bonus look:

Kate looked so natural and stunning when she was out in her element, on the water, racing Prince William. Plus, I’m always a fan of a ponytail and stripes, so it’s no surprise I adored this look of hers.


 And, as always, check out What Kate Wore for all the details on Kate’s looks.
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      1. Ah, interesting! I’m shocked by how many sources (ie: Elle, Hello!, etc.) have different reports! Will fix that ASAP. Thanks for the info!

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