Royal Tour Fashions: Kate’s Worst Looks

kate-middleton-tour-outfitsFashion fails

Kate Middleton Oz TourThis outfit will be iconic for many reasons. Among them being the first outfit we’ve seen Kate wear while wrangling a very bouncy baby George, as well as the first outfit of the tour. But let’s be honest, this dress will forever be associated with one of the Duchess’s more disastrous ‘Marilyn Moments.‘ It’s a lovely dress. However, I think it was a bit too ‘uniformy.’ and I’m still recovering from the fainting spell I had when I learned it cost $2,521. Not to mention her attempting to channel Diana and Jackie O. You’re you, Kate–And when you want to be you can be pretty fabulous. Own it! The best comment on the dress came from Twitter where someone mentioned that Kate spent 90 hours buttoning the buttons on this dress coat.

Kate Middleton Oz TourIt’s so hard to narrow my list down to just three, so I’m going to say ‘all and any ruby green dresses’ for number two. I love green. I really do. I think it can look really great sometimes. This was not one of those times. I’m shocked Kate went for this look. Color aside, the zipper, robe-like silhouette is terrible. It’s not even salvageable if she were to add certain accessories. It’s just bad. And what on earth is that stitching? Did she pack some sort of basket on top of it, causing those stitch-like wrinkles? All for $3120 (last seen going for half price). Had Kate opened the jacket and allowed the dress beneath to show, it could have been an OK look. Could, not definitely would. But the look as a whole was a major bust.

Kate Middleton Oz TourThe first thought I had when I saw this look was “who died?!” Also, “how is her waist the same size as her neck?” I love a little black dress. I also fancy dresses with long sleeves. Yet this look still manages to get a double thumbs down from me. And the embroidery–why? The Queen apparently lent hardly any jewelry to Kate, so she had to have some sparkle sewn in. Also, isn’t it really not fit for a royal to wear all black when not in mourning? (Off to jot down notes about future protocol post…back!)

It was a tough call, I really disliked most of the outfits, but this entire look was a miss for me. The makeup. The sausage roll curls… drab. Absolutely drab.

And, for royal tour wardrobe costing $65,000 I expected a LOT more fab.

Bonus look:

prince-william-kate-royal-tour-vineyard_aI appreciate the direction Kate was going with this look. No one’s a bigger fan of skinny jeans and blazers than me…but the gold buttons on this blazer, paired with the checkered shirt screams mannequin to me for some reason. But had the buttons been a bit more subtle, I think this look could have been tops. Plus, major props to the Duchess for showing some love for GAP.

See my favorite looks here.


So that’s my measly input regarding the whole tour-drobe. And yes, I know. I am writing this while wearing my snazziest Old Navy black, long-sleeved tee, and a pair of GAP Jeans, so my vote means essentially…nothing. But, in my dream world, when I wear dazzling designer duds and essentially live the life of a Duchess, these looks would never do.



 And, as always, check out What Kate Wore for all the details on Kate’s looks.
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6 thoughts on “Royal Tour Fashions: Kate’s Worst Looks

  1. The green Erdem coat is probably the worst outfit I’ve seen her wear in the last three years. I can’t believe that Erdem did such a terrible job (although I wonder if the coat just wasn’t tailored properly).

    1. Right? Maybe if she had had it fitted a bit more shapely and pulled her hair up it wouldn’t have been SO terrible. I just don’t know! For everyday Kate, ok. A royal tour?! No way.

    1. I like the symbolism for sure. It’s the execution I wasn’t so fond of… but it’s a lovely gesture.

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