What do you think: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Solo Strategy

Kate and William go soloPrince William hosted a gala this week at Windsor Castle to honor the work of the Royal Marsden Hospital. One of the hospitals donors Ralph Lauren helped turn the castle into a “Windsor Wonderland.”

‘Spreading their influence’

Allegedly Kate didn’t show to the event because of the couple’s wish to ‘spread their influence.’

I read that in two ways:

Prince William is worried about Kate overshadowing him at events.

Things are rocky in paradise, the pair must only be together when absolutely necessary (royal tours).

It just seems so suspicious.

I understand in matters of, say, a doctor receiving an award and them not wanting Kate’s hair to steal the show, but when it’s a celebrity ball… isn’t it all about everything Kate brings to the table? Picture perfect gowns, snow-white teeth, dazzling jewels? Isn’t that half the fun of being a Princess? And isn’t that the kind of thing you look forward to doing with your husband (prince or not)?

Color me confused.

What’s your take?


Bonus: Emma Watson looked stunning, and knowing this made her meeting with William that much better.


4 thoughts on “What do you think: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Solo Strategy

  1. Kate’s in conception mode right now, lounging about so her work-shy eggs won’t be spooked by sudden movements like getting up off of her couch. Right now her focus is on getting knocked up, a perfect excuse to keep an empty calendar. She’s so perfected getting out of Duchess Duties, she should teach a class in laziness, but that would take effort…

    1. Lola, I think you’re very much onto something. I’m just a bit shocked she’d pass up rubbing elbows with such celebrities… Also, your post’s point about a pregnancy announcement around the same time as the Royal Spending report is, pardon the pun, right on the money. But that’s a lot of clever thinking… which takes effort.. so who knows. 😉
      *So glad your here!

  2. kate never ever takes anything seriously, she drowing in money thats what matters to her, what kind of a future queen is i??????

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