Crown Pooches: Milly Kakao of Norway

Milly Kakao

In 2009, Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway announced a furry addition to their family: Milly Kakao.

Milly Kakao

Milly Kakao with Princess Ingrid

CP of Norway Milly 3

Milly Kakao CP Family

Milly Kakao

AOP-Mette-Marit AOP-mette-marit-haakon

Milly Milly-Kakao Milly Kakao

Milly is a labradoodle and a special member of the Norwegian Royal Family. She seems to go nearly everywhere with the bunch, from skiing and boating to the annual Norwegian Day festivities (see photos from this year here).

Last July the family released pictures of Milly and her (nine!) puppies. A few of which attended their first Norwegian Day last week.


I’m probably bias toward this pup, seeing as how she looks an awful lot like my beloved pooch, Patrick. 😉

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