Kate: Part-time Royal; Full-time Interior Designer

Anmer HallThe good news is the Duchess of Cambridge has been accounted for. The bad news is that her excuse for having not worked at all since the tour is rather ridiculous…

You see, she’s been MIA from working because she’s redecorating not one, but two royal palaces she, William and Prince George will soon call home–Kensington Palace and Anmer Hall. Those palaces–one being called a ‘fancy farmhouse’— aren’t going to decorate themselves, after all… The people Kate hires will do all the heavy lifting. But those various shades of purple for the palace walls will need to be hand-picked by an art history graduate, right? And after all that paint picking, showing up to a charity event or ball would be extreme for even the hardest of workers.

I’m trying to give Kate the benefit of the doubt, but report after report, or lack thereof, makes it hard to take her seriously.

3 thoughts on “Kate: Part-time Royal; Full-time Interior Designer

  1. I’m not so sure this report of redecorating isn’t a Hail Mary pass from the Royal Propaganda Machine to float a rumor as to where she’s been. In all the articles, they’ve pointed to a rug purchase made in January and another March sighting. No one source has mentioned seeing her recently at Anmer Hall. With the workers finishing up and all the neighbors curious about the changes, not one single person even snapped a pic of her with their cell phone or leaked her being seen around Anmer Hall on any one specific day to the tabloids? If you notice, the stories say she’s been busy redecorating but they only hint she’s been going back and forth. This is supposed to be one of the most photographed women in the world and she’s gone missing. What exactly would she be doing at this point at Anmer Hall, anyway? She had paint colors picked out a few months ago. I think this is an instance of any story being better than the ones currently circulating in the rumor mill.

    1. Agreed! Such a weak excuse… I mean, couldn’t they come up with anything more substantial? The BRF PR sometimes comes off as amateur, at best. Plus, I HIGHLY doubt she actually does much more than merely dog-ear some magazine pages and says ‘I like this. And this. And four of these’ ala Veruca Salt… trying to understand it all is very headache inducing… no logic.

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