Royal Reads for Kids — Part I.

Royal Reads -- Children's Books

As an aunt of five little ones–plus two more on the way!–I always love giving them books as gifts (obviously making me the ‘cool’ aunt. šŸ˜‰ ).

Recently while on the way to Kansas City I was trying to entertain them with ‘ghost stories.’ These included stories of Marie Antoinette’s beheading along with other more grizzly tales from history… they loved it! So now, every time they stay the night, they beg for ‘more ghost stories!’

Naturally, after running out of more PG-tales with a little bit of gore, I started perusing for more material to keep them happy. After an afternoon of research, I found the titles above and thought, ‘Eureka! They’ll love it!’

Should you have a little history buff of your own, you may fancy a gander at these regal reads (descriptions from the publisher)…

1. Power PalaceIn the same series as the award-winning Tower Power, this colourful and lively look at Hampton Court Palace through the ages will delight young history fans (and convert those who didn’t think they were!).

2. Kids’ Kensington Incredible tales from Kensington Palace by Natasha Narayan takes a light-hearted look at Kensingtonā€™s history. This lively, fun-filled guide, aimed at 7-9 year-olds reveals the stories of some of Kensingtonā€™s more colourful characters including grumpy kings, clever queens, naughty princesses, savage beasts, wild boys and ferocious rat-killers!

3. Tower Power Who built the Tower of London and why? Was it ever attacked? Which kings and queens stayed there? What happened to the prisoners who were kept there? What’s it like now? Discover the answers for yourself in this delightful children’s book packed full of fascinating stories and amusing illustrations.

4. Palace PrincessesThis unashamedly pink book is a fascinating collection of feisty young royals connected with the five historic palaces, from the 12th century Princess Matilda (went to war with her cousin) to 21st century Princess Beatrice (goes to night clubs with her sister). In between, the stories of beautiful, brave, wicked, weak, stupid, stylish, gifted, greedy and sometimes very unhappy princesses will appeal to 9 to 11 year-olds curious to discover more about the lives of real princesses at our palaces.

5. Henry’s Blog ‘Battles and Boys Toys’, ‘My fit new queen’ and ‘ I marry a teenager’. These are just some of the entries in King Henry VIII’s personal blog as Tudor technology might have created it! Henry’s secret thoughts on ruling, fighting, cute babes and all round global fabulousness are revealed in royal blog-speak, via his online diary.Ā 

6. Kings and Queens of England: a little book of rulersWhich queen rewarded a pirate with a knighthood? Who was crowned on Christmas Day? What happened to the two young princes imprisoned in the Tower? Discover these amazing facts and more

Note: While this round of royal reads has to do with British royalty, I am currently looking for more books to feature the other reigning royals of Europe. Also: any suggestions you’d add to a post? I’d love to feature them! Comment below or feel free to email me at

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