Royal Rewind: Week of May 30, 2014


Note: Let’s skip to the good stuff. If you want day-by-day rundowns of what the royals around the world were up to this past week, this site is far better at keeping up than I am.

This week in Royal news…

Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh attended Household Cavalry Standards Parade.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands attended World MS Day.

Crown Prince Frederik turned 46.

Princess Anne, the Queen, Prince Philip, and Prince Harry showed support for Blues and Royals regiment at garden party.

Spanish royals attended ‘Rey de Espana’ and ‘Don Quijote’ Journalism Awards 2014.

Queen Silvia of Sweden attended an international conference for children’s rights.

Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene announced pregnancy.

Kate made first appearance since tour (pictured above).

Around the web…

Rumors abound after Crown Prince Frederik and Mary celebrate ten years.

Prince Harry has had a busy month. The latest including playing rugby with little kids, and flirting with a mystery blonde.

Mayor declined charity donation from profits of Kate’s bum photo.

The Daily Beast had two takes on the Kate Debate: one in defense and one not impressed.

The Hollywood Reporter did a piece on the not-so-glamorous side of Monaco royals.

3 thoughts on “Royal Rewind: Week of May 30, 2014

  1. There is nothing less feminist than waiting around and being someone’s mattress for 10 years while not ever having a job and dumping your friends for his privacy. While I understand where that Daily Beast author’s defense is coming from, I think it’s a bit rich to claim feminism as a defense for Kate’s skirt fly up. 1) Kate is not a feminist and her skirt fly up was not some feminist protest, 2) Kate is a royal and there are different standards, 3) Men are not allowed to drop their pants or walk around naked in public, and if one did he would be arrested, so the whole defense of “women should be allowed to wear whatever, or how little, they want because feminism” thing does not hold up.

  2. i cant believable how some people can defend this woman, the problem with kate is she carries herself in a trashy way, so people expect these things from her, why be compared to kardashians, why not cp mary, maxima, charlene, its because shes not in the same league with them!

    1. Such a good point. She is always compared with celebrities, never royals… unless it’s in comparison to their fashion. But heck no, they’d never compare her work to other royals, because she’d look pathetic.

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