Catching up: Royal News and Gossip

Royal Headlines

Firstly, I’d like to apologize again for being absent these past few weeks. Especially when so much has been going on. Great timing, eh?

But enough about me, let’s get down to business.

Swedish Prince falls out of line for Hottest Royal Bachelor

Prince Carl Philip of Sweden is no longer on our list of hottest royal bachelors, le sigh. But not because of his hotness waning (nope, it seems he’s actually getting better with age, however that’s possible), rather, he’s no longer a bachelor. This past week the Swedish Royal Court announced his engagement to girlfriend of four years, Sofia Hellqvist. Collective sigh.

But there’s a silver lining in this news… two words: ROYAL. WEDDING. Yes!

And this will be a good one, you guys. I feel it in my peasant bones.

Kate and William taking the heat about kitchens

I’ve never known someone to be dubbed so many nicknames by the media. The Duchess of Cambridge is now being called “Two Kitchen Kate” after it being reported that she has had two kitchens installed in their Kensington Palace apartment, and there’s a possible third to be installed, this time in Anmer Hall.

The additions come on the heels of new royal spending reports, and the cost of renovations have now surpassed  £4 million.

Grand Ducal Grandparents

The Royal Ducal couple, Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, announced the birth of their granddaughter, Amalia, to joyful, first-time parents Prince Felix and Claire of Luxembourg on June 15.

The Prince of Tours

Prince Harry has proven to be a dedicated royal worker during the past few months. In May he went on his Estonia/Italy tour, and this month he’s been busy in South America. He visited children with disabilities, fixed one couple’s TV, watched soccer, and all-around charmed, as expected. He even spoke of his nephew, Prince George, comparing him to a baby Winston Churchill. Raise your hand if you’re more than ready to see the two Princes interact for the masses? The cuteness may be too much, though. I can only imagine that preciousness.

Whew! That was a lot to catch up on! Don’t worry, lots of posts in the works for this week. Who’s ready?


One thought on “Catching up: Royal News and Gossip

  1. Yes, we need to see Prince Harry and Prince George together! It hadn’t occurred to me that we’ve never seen them interact. There was a prime opportunity at that Father’s Day polo match, but I guess that happened when the cameramen weren’t there.

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