Update: Cheeky blog: ‘What Princess Kate Isn’t Doing’ now ‘What the Duchess Isn’t Doing’

What Kate Isn't DoingI somehow stumbled upon this blog today–What Princess Kate Isn’t Doing–now–What the Duchess Isn’t Doing–and almost spit my iced coffee out I was laughing so hard. It’s a blog full of posts of exactly what you’d expect from its title–things Kate isn’t doing…

Here are five of my favorite entries.

What Kate Isn't DoingTidying up the front seat of the minivan.

What Kate Isn't DoingScouring Target coupons for discounts on nappies.

What Kate Isn't DoingTaking a break from royal duties for 3-day-old Malbec, gummy bears, and a novel on her e-reader.

5Picking up George’s party invitations at Target.

What Kate Isn't DoingSpending her mornings behind the steering wheel of a minivan.Which her handmaids have clearly been forgetting to dust.

What Kate Isn't Doing






You can see more hilarious posts on the site here.

5 thoughts on “Update: Cheeky blog: ‘What Princess Kate Isn’t Doing’ now ‘What the Duchess Isn’t Doing’

  1. Hi, there! I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this (I’m the founder of that tumblr), and let you know that I just–just!–changed the name of it to What the Duchess isn’t Doing.

    Thanks again for sharing. I’m glad you found the site and liked it.

      1. Oh, that is great! Thank you (should I mention that I’m paying bills right now? In my grubby work-out shorts? There’s a loooot of material around here to use!).

      2. I’m sweating to death waiting outside a museum entrance with fighting nephews. Kate really should envy this! 😉

      3. Ha! You should’ve taken a picture and submitted it! I’m sure a *lot* of people could empathize (my husband is currently sweating to death inside a “bounce house” play park with our 4-y.o. There are reasons Kate has a nanny… 😉 Hope you survived your day (and I’m thinking the “best aunt ever” award would be yours, yes?).

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