Princess Madeleine Participates in #tbt, Raises Awareness

Princess Madeleine with her Pet Bunny

Princess Madeleine with her Pet BunnyWhile some are critical of Princess Madeleine and her living in NYC, I think she receives an unfair amount of criticism. Though she is not necessarily making the rounds on the royal circuit in Europe, she seems to do an incredible amount of work with various organizations, and works hard at spreading awareness. She is one of the only royals with an official Facebook page, and she updates it regularly with numerous articles, links, and other stories to raise awareness for the organizations she supports, like World Childhood Organization and

Speaking of which, she shared this on her Facebook page today:


Today, in the spirit of “Throwback Thursday” (#TBT) I share a story from my own childhood and say #thankyou to someone special. Read my post, then dedicate a free song and $5 will go to help protect children.

You can read her sweet story here.

Perhaps I am just bias, but it seems she uses her name for good, and draws attention to many important issues without making it all about her. 

Bravo, Princess Madeleine! Your passion is evident and praiseworthy.


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