British Royal Rumors and Happenings

Latest British Royal News

Let’s start this Monday with the most intriguing bits of British Royal gossip…


Prince Harry is reportedly seeing Camilla Thurlow (pictured above), the Scottish beauty he was seen snogging with back in June.

With the revelation of this potential romance comes, of course, rumors of Cressida wanting Harry back.

Harry was publicly linked to Camilla this week and the new duo seem to have a lot more in common than Harry and Cressida ever did. Camilla is a beauty queen that works for The Halo Trust, the anti-landmine organization that was closely linked to Harry’s beloved mother, Princess Diana. Aside from those things Camilla is hardly the wallflower that Cressida was. Instead she is known to be the life of the party and can keep up with Harry’s drinking when challenged. Girlfriend works and plays hard, just like Harry. (Celebrity Dirty Laundry)


Prince Harry continues to make his brother, Prince William, look like an amateur, issuing a poignant piece regarding his time in war, as well as announcing his hope to remain in the army until the age of 55.

Harry revealed his career plans last week at an event in Folkestone, Kent, while paying tribute to the thousands of British and Commonwealth soldiers who died in the First World War.

The royal said he was “incredibly moved” by the commemorations and was “proud” to have played a part in them.

A source said: “Harry was chatting quite informally and was talking about life in the Army. He said ‘I love it – it’s the best job in the world. I’m staying in until I can draw my pension – if they’ll let me’.” (Mirror)


Meanwhile, the media is continuing to spread word that Prince William “goes back to work” — pretty much acknowledging that he hasn’t been working for a while… — and there is a mixed reaction. Of course, here in the US, the media paints it as a way for the “little family” to stay as normal as possible. The US press loves to romanticize the royals, which I admit to buying into, but British press seems mixed on the matter. This piece calls Prince William out for being an adult, yet acting more like a child.

The nation has been very patient with William. We understood his reluctance as a young man to take on the royal mantle after the death of his mother. We respected his request for privacy while at university, then in the military. We indulged his little whim to undertake a course at Cambridge in agriculture.

But the reluctant Prince — who’s known to have inherited his father’s petulance — now appears to be becoming a rather selfish one, still dodging the royal draft, but keeping all the privileges that come with it. (Daily Mail)

1Yesterday I posted about the latest Vanity Fair Best-Dressed List. I didn’t mention Kate’s being mentioned in the “Hall of Fame” because I really don’t care. It’s such a joke of a statement that I don’t really care to draw attention to it. But, it happened. And it’s ridiculous.

Georgemojis, Plus a Stroll in the Park with Mum

Almost as ridiculous as this fawning over the fact Kate took Prince George to the Princess Diana Memorial section of Kensington Park. There are no photos — the photo above is from a different outting — and they only stayed for 15 minutes… but it’s like candy for the media. I can’t help think this may be a way to deter from the previously mentioned ongoing criticism of her and Will’s ever-changing life plans…

There’s so much going on, but nothing too exciting gossip-wise. Except for Harry’s news… I’m genuinely happy for Prince Harry. He seems so down to earth and grateful for the live and platform he has been given… Prince William and Kate could benefit from following his lead.

2 thoughts on “British Royal Rumors and Happenings

  1. I do hope that Harry is really moving on from Ms. Bonas. It is interesting that she and Chelsey were both blondes, and while Chelsey dressed better than Bonas, they both had their hobo moments. I never thought he and Bonas were a good match, and she always seemed to me to be more into hooking up with someone who could show her a good time, than in Harry, himself. When you make up and break up so often, you are probably much better off apart. Hopefully, he and the new girl find happiness with each other, or move on to someone new. Now back to my regularly scheduled bashing of William! He seems to be always running away from something, instead of toward something. I just hope he doesn’t get himself in a spectacular crash in his new job. I thought his wife might help (force) him to grow up, but it doesn’t seem to have happened. I just don’t see him as future king material, but I could see Harry in that part. Despite his partying ways, he knows what he wants, and he works towards it. William just drifts along whinging and giggling, and evading responsibilities. His grandparents are old, and it would be nice if the Cambridges did more to help out. I sympathize with her desire to be there for her child/children if you count William, but she knew what was expected of her, and now that William is evading his duties, she seems to be doing the same. More so than Diana, she was prepared for what was coming, and she does a fantastic job with meeting and greeting. She has a lot going for her and could be a real asset. Some day, she could be a very good queen, but she needs to keep at it. As for poor William, the jury is still out, and it may well be out for a long time. By the way, I love this blog, and while we like our royals, no one minds a good poke at them every now and then. Thank you for providing an interesting place to hang out, and thank you for the frequent updates. You do a great job.

    1. Firstly, I agree 100% about Harry and his previous loves. I never sensed he was that crazy about Cressida, rather the idea of settling down like his brother. I think Harry yearns for a situation like Williams and I hope he finds just that soon! And William, Oy. He’s like a lost puppy that moves on from one job to the next and pouts when he’s made to work. I also thought Kate would prod him in the right direction but am afraid they’ve seemingly enabled each other’s lazy ways. I hope they thrive in their new positions, and that they grow in maturity in the meantime! Luckily they have George to take the heat off their choices, but I hope he gets lots of time to follow in his uncle’s footsteps. 😉

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I love the comments shared and hope this continues to be a site where running dialogue is prominent! What fun are the royals if we can’t gab about the highs and lows! 🙂

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