Vanity Fair’s Best-Dressed Poll: Crown Princess Mary and Queen Maxima on the ballot

Vanity's Fair's Best-Dressed Poll: Crown Princess Mary and Queen Maxima on the ballotEarly last week, Vanity Fair released The International Best-Dressed List 2014. I was surprised by some of the honorees listed, especially Crown Princess Mary, and was happy to see Queen Maxima.

Vanity Fair's Best-Dressed Poll: Crown Princess Mary and Queen Maxima on the ballotI do love the outfit that landed Crown Princess Mary on the list — pictured above — however, have found most of her outfits a bit, lackluster. Most of the time it looks like she bought her dresses right off the latest runway, and while I love runway fashion, it’s more often than not not suitable for a royal. Perhaps picking certain looks and emulating the pieces and looks that you most like, but looking like a walking mannequin does no one any favors.

What’s worse, copying the exact look of another royal…

6While I hardly think Kate Middleton has the monopoly on skinny jeans and striped shirts — I can attest to wearing them far before I ever knew of Kate, as can many. But the green jacket featured above, identical to the slanted pocket, leaves one with doubts that this was a mere coincidence.

royal-682_1273245aEver since Kate hit the seen the media has been trying to push this comparison of the two “commoner” princesses narrative.

I don’t see it.

But, since Mary sometimes uses Kate as a fashion muse… and Kate sometimes looks to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana for inspiration… it seems as though the real royal most deserving of this Vanity Fair honor should be Diana herself. I suppose that’s not the popular opinion, just my own.

Vanity Fair's Best-Dressed Poll: Crown Princess Mary and Queen Maxima on the ballotQueen Maxima, however, I am so glad to have seen listed. She seems to add her own flair to every outfit, and has the confidence to make a potato sack look glamorous.

I sincerely wish we had seen Queen Letizia mentioned, though. She seems to take a lot of fashion risks, and stays true to her own style.

6 thoughts on “Vanity Fair’s Best-Dressed Poll: Crown Princess Mary and Queen Maxima on the ballot

  1. I have to agree with you; Letizia should have been on this list, and it is a shock that she isn’t. Other than the unfortunate pants that looked like pajamas, her clothes always seem lovely and serene, very much like she does. I like Mary, but you are right about her seeming to snatch clothes off the runway. Some of Maxima’s clothing choices seem a lot like her: very exuberant and over the top, and yet they suit her. She is true to herself, and while I would never wear some of the things she does, I have to smile and say, you go girl! Hello! Magazine is guilty of pushing the Mary/Kate thing ad nauseum, acting like there is a special bond between them. I don’t think there is, and I don’t think they will ever be best friends or even friends. More like friendly strangers. I hate those blasted platform shoes that they are both guilty of wearing entirely too often. Those and the jackets make me want to rip my hair out. Kate and Mary always look like Stepford Wife princesses when they go that route. And we all know what happened to them….

    1. I think Queen Maxima is a happy, sassy lady and I love that she doesn’t play her true self down… I’d LOVE to know the real Kate, but fear she hardly knows herself. She and Mary are incredibly stepford-esque. They are also alike in that they stalked their husbands… But that’s neither here nor there… 😉 I kind of loved that Mary wasn’t invited to Kate and Will’s wedding. Especially since their “sisters” and all! Ha!

  2. In my opinion Maxima is one of those royal women is constantly on the “best dressed” list. I know there are times when she has some hits and misses, but I think she choices clothing that reflects her personality… so she always looks good.
    I don’t feel that way about Mary, now granted she has made some great sartorial choices, but I feel like she’s dressing for the part.
    Despite the fact that I can’t stand Kate, I do understand her looking to other royals for inspiration, but as woman who (should; at least by now) have her footing in her royal role, she have at least carved out her own style. Despite the fact that media is so far up her butt she can do no wrong… the clothes look like they wear her and she her style thus far as been boring ( And for goodness sake she should burn all of her skinny jeans… what happened to a nice pair of slacks?)

    1. I completely agree with all of your points. ESPECIALLY the fact we’ve yet to see Kate in slacks. Many argue it’s because the Queen prefers dresses… but I hardly think QE would pick those painted on jeans to a nice pair of slacks on Kate. You’re so right about having her footing by now, too!

  3. I totally agree. I’m sure Kate can do better than those skinny jeans. They are the only pants she ever wears. Kate is very predictable. Her clothes are usually lovely and very well made, but very conservative. By that I mean that she doesn’t take risks, which I believe is essential to truly great fashion. This is where I have to put in a good word for Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. She has a very sophisticated fashion sense. I love the way she often does something unexpected with color, pattern or accessories. For example, she will often wear a surprising shoe choice or an interesting combination. She doesn’t have to match everything perfectly, yet she always looks perfectly put-together. She wears pants, when appropriate, that are flattering and stylish. She also wears her hair in a variety of becoming styles. Kate is at her best when she does the unexpected also. I loved the green tour coat with the zippers! Also, I had to admire the sexy bowed shoes showing beneath the opening in her white evening gown. My hats (those lovely hats!) are off to them both.

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