Prince Charles Remembers Robin Williams

Prince Charles Remembers Robin Williams

Prince Charles has spoken out upon hearing of the tragic passing of comedian Robin Williams.

Prince Charles has become the first British royal to publicly pay tribute to Robin Williams, after the late actor’s death on Monday.

The first-in-line to the throne, whose history with Robin dated years back, gave a statement to Press Association.

“I greatly enjoyed meeting him on several occasions and his irreplaceable contribution to life will be greatly missed by countless people, including myself,” said Charles.

He added: “He was a remarkable man, whose wonderful frenetic humour brought a special kind of laughter into people’s lives.”

Robin, who passed away from a suspected suicide in his California home at the age of 63, was last pictured meeting the Queen’s eldest child in 2008. (Hello!)

Prince Charles Remembers Robin WilliamsPrince Charles Remembers Robin Williams(Source.)

One thought on “Prince Charles Remembers Robin Williams

  1. I have to say that I was stunned when I saw the story online early this morning. It is such a tragedy when a life ends too soon, and even more tragic when it is a suicide. I hope his family will be allowed to grieve in peace, and that they can make some sense out of all this. I truly feel for them. I was surprised that Charles spoke out, and thought it a nice gesture on his part. I keep forgetting how many people the royals tend to meet every year, and it looks like Mr. Williams met both of the Wales, and their sons. The pictures were nice, and I am totally flummoxed by the look on Joan Rivers’ face. I can’t tell if she is amused, on the verge of a sarcastic remark, or if the Botox rendered her unable to make any expression but that, at the time. It is just odd to see someone old enough to be my mother, who looks younger than my daughter and her friends!

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