Controversial Move Causes Public to Question Need for Norwegian Royalty


The Norwegian Royal Family has been rife with controversy lately. From rumblings of a possible separation of the Crown Princely couple, to the recent decision of the couple to send their children to private school, they’ve provided much to be debated over the past couple of months.

With every debate comes the ultimate query: Is royalty even needed anymore? The State explains the question at hand further:

In egalitarian Norway, the choice for the further education of 10-year-old Princess Ingrid Alexandra and 8-year-old Prince Sverre Magnus seemed a denunciation of the education of the rest of the children in this wealthy nation of only 5 million. But while a fuss over moving royals from classes with common children might seem a non-issue in the non-royal United States, it actually gets at a single question about much of the remaining royalty of Europe: Why?

The author continues:

Norwegian historian Finn Erhard Johannessen, from the University of Oslo, said supporting a royal family remained a source of pride in his nation but that there were limits.

“Norwegians like having a royal family,” he said. “But they don’t want them to act too royally.”

Polls indicate that about 4 of 5 Norwegians back the monarchy, though most of those essentially with a “why not?” instead of undying passion for the institution.

Johannessen said Norwegians thought their royals were nice people. Part of that is living like anyone else.

“People want the royal children to be in school with the children of immigrants,” he noted.

Anders Folkestad, the head of Norway’s teachers union, told local media that the move sends a bad message: “Does it say private schools are better than public? Must one go to an international school to learn English?” (The State)

The article goes on to discuss the monarchy’s past issues and its possible future.

It’s an interesting move on behalf of Crown Prince Haakon and Mette-Marit, and it leaves a lot to be answered. In a move they had to have known would have such repercussions, you have to wonder what could be so dire that they make this decision. 

2 thoughts on “Controversial Move Causes Public to Question Need for Norwegian Royalty

  1. One of those private decisions that has public repercussions. I think given the choice, a great many people would send their children to private schools if they could afford them. Whether or not the education is better, people perceive that it is better. Here in the States, you could certainly argue that in some areas, kids would get a better education at a private school or charter school than the public school. It depends on the area and the school district. England has a big tradition of private schools, which for some odd reason are known there as public schools! Charles’ kids went to costly public schools, while Princess Anne sent her kids to the local grammar school, as I recall. The Obamas sent their kids to an expensive private school and it did cause the usual surge of criticism, but many presidents with school age children sent theirs to the same school, and many senators and representatives here also send their kids to that school. I think every time that issue arises, people wonder why the government officials who are always leading the charge for public education, want to send their kids to private schools. It almost seems like a conflict of interest for some. Others are annoyed and perceive it as elitism. Personally, I don’t care if anyone goes to the school down the block, or the exclusive schools on the outskirts of town, or to boarding school in Switzerkand, as long as they don’t tell me where my kids should go to school! It is a choice that their parents have made, and if it’s their choice, great. For public figures this debate is ongoing, and no matter what they do, they are going to be criticized. I do hope the Crown Prince and his family weather all their storms, and come to decisions that are right for them. Whatever their problems, I hope they solve them, and are happy. To be honest, this is one couple that I thought was happily married. I was surprised when I heard they might be separating. Of course once upon a time, I thought Charles and Diana were happily married too. I also thought the York’s would live happily ever after. Looks like I struck out again. Appearances can be deceiving, so I hope that is true in this case.

  2. After way too much internet surfing, all I could find were allegations of her cheating with a wealthy Norwegian American businessman on one or two sites, and a lot of guessing and blame slinging on other sites. I don’t think we will ever know one way or another. I don’t think I could take another royal divorce, so I hope the rumors are nothing but rumors. The press does like to play those kind of games.

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