BRB: A Royal Holiday (Isn’t that redundant?)


But really, there’s a lot of (good) changes in my life right now, so I need a break until next week! Can’t wait to catch up!

In the meantime, loving all of your comments! Keep ’em coming. 🙂

3 thoughts on “BRB: A Royal Holiday (Isn’t that redundant?)

  1. What a hard life it is for royals and presidents. They take so many vacations that it exhausts them, and the only solution seems to be to take another exhausting vacation doing nothing. They have a nanny to take care of George, and their only concerns are partying, buying clothes, and figuring out how to avoid their royal duties. That would be the royal duties that they don’t manage to weasel out of. I can’t think of one royal in Britain that does less than they do. Even the older, some of them elderly royals, put these two to shame. William was indulged by his parents, and she was indulged by her parents. Let’s hope that William doesn’t decide to abdicate when he becomes King, and leave it all to George. At this point, other than the Queen and Prince Philip, the only Brit royals I like are Harry, Sophie and Edward, the Gloucesters, and some of the Kents. I actually like Camilla too, but I am neutral on Charles. He does work hard, but he whines a lot too. These over privileged babies need to grow up and step up to the plate. Camilla and Charles do more in a week tha. These two do in six months. The only work Kate has done lately is to push George’s pram around the park. I hope she doesn’t strain herself or break a fingernail, because then she will have to take another vacation. I am getting to the point where I am totally over these two, if this is the monarchy’s future, the monarchy is in serious trouble.

  2. kate middleton is useless and nauseating, l am still baffled how william could marry such a woman, yes there are plenty good women out there, him being a prince wouldnt have struggled to get one instead of settling for this annoying twit!

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