Kate’s Throwing Prince Harry a 30th Birthday Party Using Her Party Pieces Skills


The Duchess is putting her past-work experience to use by planning Prince Harry’s upcoming 30th birthday bash. She’s going to turn a room in Kensington Palace into a “nightclub,” because I heard those are hard to find in London. I’m sure Harry is THRILLED she invited all of his exes and has taken this milestone celebration upon her self and used her Party Pieces connections to make it memorable. (This is all very reminiscent of The Office (US) episode when Michael Scott turns the Michael Scott Paper Company office into a Cafe Disco…)

Kate Middleton’s finally putting her party-planning genes to good use for her brother-in-law’s upcoming 30th birthday.

According to The Mirror (so, take this with a big ole salt mine…), the Duchess is throwing Prince Harry a massive, club-themed party at Kensington Palace on September 15. Festive! The extravaganza is reportedly set to involve “sexy dancers,” schmancy cocktails, Beach Boys songs (?), and coasters printed with pics of the Ginger One—some of which we hope will find their way to eBay in the days following. Night club owner Guy Pelly— who runs several of Harry’s fave haunts, including London’s Tonteria and Sloane Square—is said to be assisting K-Mid in the arrangements.

But the real gems lie in the alleged guest list. As per the tab, no fewer than three of Harry’s exes have been invited to help ring in the big three-oh: party girl Chelsy Davy, who broke off her six-year relationship with Harry in 2010; scrunchie-maven Cressida Bonas, who split with Harry in April; and former Miss Edinburgh Camilla Thurlow, who was just recently seen smooching the Prince. (Unfortunately, it seems future girlfriends have been left off the list—though I’m keeping my calendar open just in case.)

Said The Mirror’s anonymous insider, “Harry has no problem with seeing his exes all under the same roof. Let’s just hope they don’t either.” Sounds a bit like the plotline of a bad MTV reality show, no? (Elle)

6 thoughts on “Kate’s Throwing Prince Harry a 30th Birthday Party Using Her Party Pieces Skills

  1. I loved your blog when I first found it but since you turned into a boohoo Kate hater, it’s become a lot more petty. I like your coverage of all the other royals. Why not ignore her, if you hate her so much?

    1. I will agree that I have definitely been posting too much about Kate. I think you’re right that I should probably just ignore her for a while until my ire subsides. I hope you’ll stick around in the meantime and give me another chance!

  2. its not kate haters, everything written about kate , becomes hate?? The blogs write about her doing all on her own like she never works, shes a shopaholic, shes lazy, her dresses are tooshort for her platform, her wedies and skinny jeans make her look trashy, her hair is always a mess, she does not respect traditions or protocall, this woman is just a mess!

  3. It sounds really dumb. I realize Wills is a tad immature, and by a tad, I mean George has more gravitas than his father…. But Kate is supposed to be a sophisticated woman. This party she supposedly planned sounds unbelievably frat boyish and trashy. We all know Harry likes to,party, and she and Chelsy were friendly, but I don’t think she and Bonas clicked, so I can’t imagine her inviting the girl to a birthday party within four months of a breakup. Also with all the bad press Harry got for being a party animal, would he really want something like this. It sounds like OK magazine, which never gets anything right. I can’t believe the two lazy royals would go to the trouble of derailing the one who has gotten his act together. As for bashing Kate, I don’t think you especially have, but the rest of us certainly have. Kate fatigue syndrome is hitting me just as bad as Diana fatigue syndrome.

    1. The party animal point you made is a really good one. I hadn’t even thought of that. I am not sure how reliable this story is, but it will be interesting to see how it turns out. I think I am hard on Kate because I used to be such a defender of her. It may sound silly, but I feel a bit made to be a fool after defending her actions for so long. But I should probably give her some leeway…

  4. I really liked her initially, but I think I just got tired of her sometime after George was born. There was just too much press, and she didn’t really do anything but show up, smile, and then take a vacation. I think we just hear so much and see so much, that we get kind of annoyed after a couple,of years. I didn’t resubscribe to Majesty, Royalty, or Hello! this year, because I just don’t care anymore. I like most of the other royals, and I wouldn’t say I dislike her now, but I just feel that she gets great press for doing nothing. I really like this site because you tell us what all the royals are doing. There are so many Kate blogs out there that are enamored of her clothes, and that is a pity, because all they can say is what she wore, since she doesn’t really do a lot of anything else. Strangely I like her sister, and feel that she is unfavorably criticized and compared to her sister, because she isn’t her sister! I also like Harry a lot because he gets criticized for not being like William, which is too bad, because he does a lot of good, and he packs a fair amount of royal business in, despite having a job. Unlike his brother, who should be doing his real job instead of looking for things to do instead of that.

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