Princess Estelle’s Her First Day of Preschool (In Photos)

tumblr_nauve5LSwU1r6jme9o1_500Princess+Estelle+Sweden+Begins+Pre+School+zeARS3hjpnJx tumblr_nautxgqOBN1tb2535o1_500 tumblr_nautxgqOBN1tb2535o3_500 tumblr_nauux8m0YU1r6jme9o2_500Princess Estelle on her first day at the Adventure Preschool in the municipality of Danderyd outside Stockholm. The family, especially the little Princess seemed excited about today’s event. Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel when asked about school, said they both believed in the pedagogy of the school; and the little Princess was asked by her father if “it will be fun?”, with Estelle nodding, yes, it would! (Aftonbladet)

3 thoughts on “Princess Estelle’s Her First Day of Preschool (In Photos)

  1. victoria and daniel are hands on and involved parents but kate and william, always leave george with nannies and carole!

  2. poor lazie katie, another 10 years, she will be history, leonore of spain and estelle of sweden will take the world by storm!!

  3. I too love the obvious affection Daniel and Victoria have for each other and their child. It’s always fun to see them together. Leonor is very pretty, and I imagine she and her sister will get a ton of press in ten years!

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