The Danish Royal Family Gets A Raise

Danish Royals Get a RaiseA new report has come out announcing the Danish Royal Family will receive an additional 8.7 million kroner ($1,538,420.74) for the next fiscal year — raising their annual pay to a total of 105.8 million Kroner ($18,567,146.85).

From what I gathered from the somewhat confusing Google translation of the article, the royals’ pay is increased along with the state’s average wage by law.

Here’s a breakdown of how the money is divided among the family:

Queen Margrethe 79 million kroner ($13,969,567.63)

Crown Prince Frederik 17.6 million kroner ($3,112,207.48)

Crown Princess Mary of 1.9 million kroner ($335,976.94)

Prince Joachim is 1,100,000.02 million kronor ($194,512.90)

Countess Alexandra (Prince Joachim’s ex wife): 2.3 million krone ($406,708.93)

Count Ingolf: 1.3 million kroner ($229,878.96)


h/t: Royal Dish

3 thoughts on “The Danish Royal Family Gets A Raise

  1. Joachim’s ex wife makes a good living, no? For doing what?! Staying out of sight? She is remarried so I can’t imagine she has any royal duties, and child support wouldn’t be on the civil list, would it? Do they have to bribe the woman so she doesn’t spill the beans? I always think of her as the Danish Diana.

    1. The book I read alluded to something like that, but I’m not sure. It’s truly remarkable how much she’s stayed on the payroll. Something doesn’t add up (pun intended).

      1. Was that the book called Mary’s Dysfunctional Family? It has been ages since I read that book, and I can’t remember much of it, except that the author really didn’t seem to think much of the Queen or Frederick. There isn’t a lot available here about the Danish royals, and it’s too bad, because they pique my interest, and curiosity! I know that Alexandra was quite popular with the public, but not so much with the family.

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