4 thoughts on “Prince Harry on Royal Baby Number 2 (In .gifs)

  1. I have loved Harry since he was a baby. I always preferred him to William; Harry has to be my top favorite member of the British Royal family. There is no pretense to Harry. What you see is what you get. He took a long time growing up, but he has become a good man. He likes to have fun, but he is devoted to his job and his royal duties. I know he would like to marry and have a family, and I hope that he meets Miss Right before I am too old to enjoy another royal wedding! I don’t like getting up at three A.M. for those events, but I will if Harry takes the plunge. That would be a very sweet wedding. Harry has a lot of fans and friends who are hoping he settles down and raises a brood if little ginger babies, and lives happily ever after.

  2. harry needs to take time and look for a loving and suitable wife, not in a hurry, william never dated a lot and ended up with kate, he looks miserable, thats not a happy family!

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