Queen Silvia and Princess Madeleine of Sweden at the 15th Anniversary of World Childhood Foundation

World Childhood Foundation World Childhood FoundationPrincess Madeleine has been busy these last few months back in her home country of Sweden. She had the baptism of her baby daughter, celebrating her sister’s birthday, vacationing in Italy, and so much more.

Yesterday and today she is celebrating the 15th anniversary of the World Childhood Foundation, which she has been working for for years alongside her mother, Queen Silvia.

Monday, September 8 and Tuesday 9 September highlighted the World Childhood Foundation’s 15th anniversary in Stockholm. Yesterday a dinner was hosted. Today, World Childhood Foundation’s annual meeting took place. The Queen welcomed chairman Kenneth Bengtsson. They discussed the plans for the coming year. The annual meeting ended by Princess Madeleine, who talked about ThankYou village Childhood, a global initiative that aims to highlight the importance of a safe and loving childhood. (Happy Swedes)

2 thoughts on “Queen Silvia and Princess Madeleine of Sweden at the 15th Anniversary of World Childhood Foundation

  1. I do enjoy the Swedish Royal family very much. They all love each other and they work together well. They show up for their duties and they always seem happy to be there, and are refreshingly normal. It is great to see Madeleine so happy. She is a beautiful woman, no matter what color her hair is. For years I thought she was a blonde, but like many of us, the blonde of her childhood darkened with time! One thing that will never darken is her enthusiasm for living. That lady knows how to make the most of things. She is one of my top favorites along with the Luxembourg royals, the Belgians and Princess Mary. I know Mary isn’t always at the top of anyone’s list, but I like her, and her emphasis on family, which is something all of my royal favorites share.

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