Royals & Sibling Rivalries: They’re Just Like Us!



Last week, one of the royal blogs on Tumblr I follow posted this hilarious interaction between Prince Constantine Alexios and Princess Maria Olympia, the children of Crown Princess Marie-Chantal and Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece.

At the end of the day, tiara and titles aside, we’re all the same… sibling bickering and all. 😉

You can follow Crown Princess Marie-Chantal’s instagram here, Prince Constantine Alexios’ here, and Princess Maria Olympia’s here.

P.S. Crown Princess Mette-Marit is now on Instagram, too!

One thought on “Royals & Sibling Rivalries: They’re Just Like Us!

  1. They are such a fun and loving bunch, that I always think of them as the perfect family. They are certainly a very attractive family! What fun to see that they really are just like us. I thoroughly enjoyed this brief glimpse of the siblings. Their parents have done an excellent job raising them, and we never hear anything untoward about them. They are luckier than most Royal children in that they aren’t part of a currently reigning family. That gives them a more normal life, and although they are very privileged and have great wealth on their mother’s side of the family, they don’t seem at all spoiled or bratty. Their parents both have jobs and are hard working, which sets a good example for them too. I would love to see more about them online, but there isn’t much. I am so glad that you posted this

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