On Tinder, Buckingham Palace, and the Ultimate Pick-Up Line…



My new favorite news story deserves one of my all-time favorite .gifs…

Social media meets royals is one of the most entertaining aspects of modern day monarchies. From Instagram to #Selfies, I find it all to be highly amusing. It’s no surprise that when I read this piece on Celebitchy today I couldn’t help but share it here.

You see, palace workers have been using Tinder and other various “hook-up” apps and the grounds have, in turn, seen an increasing number of guests stopping by. Of course, this causes extra security issues and the like, but can you imagine the stories? Holy moly. I somehow think a “walk of shame” from Kensington Palace would be one for the ages.

Buckingham Palace staff have sparked internal security fears by bringing casual partners met over dating apps back to their living quarters. Police guarding the royal residences are said to be ‘deeply concerned’ at the number of unvetted overnight guests, many of whom appear to be casual acquaintances met online. Apps such as Tinder and Grindr allow smartphone users to find potential love matches nearby using GPS locators. And according to well-placed sources, a number of the Queen’s 800-plus staff are said to use such online dating tools.

While most live-in servants –including butlers, maids and kitchen staff – are not allowed to bring guests into Buckingham Palace itself, they are permitted to sign in visitors to their living quarters at St James’s Palace and the Royal Mews. This situation is not new, but the rise of dating apps has sparked concerns among the Metropolitan Police that servants are bringing back guests whom they know nothing about.

The source said: ‘There are real and serious security concerns at Buckingham Palace about members of staff use of dating apps such as Tinder, which can be rather sleazy. The palace police are particularly unhappy about the number of guests of servants staying overnight, especially when they may have only just met on Tinder. They know nothing of the guests’ background and say they could be anyone. It is a security nightmare, especially in the current climate. The guests are allowed to stay at St James’s Palace but some have complained that when they leave they get asked “a million questions” byofficers. But police say they are only doing their job.’

The Daily Mail via Celebitchy


One thought on “On Tinder, Buckingham Palace, and the Ultimate Pick-Up Line…

  1. Clearly the employees are milking their Royal connections to land some dates and hookups. This is dangerous and should not be allowed. Employees should be told to take it somewhere else. I am horrified that in the age of terrorism these employees are this irresponsible and stupid. This has the potential for a future tragedy if steps aren’t taken to curb the practice. What are the security people thinking in allowing this?! Or are they doing it as well? Ugh. Not a good idea.

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