New Book Claims Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl Thought Marriage of Prince Charles and Diana Was ‘Idiotic’

ap8406100373-1-A new book has been released and claims to expose the true feelings former German chancellor Helmut Kohl had regarding various heads of state during his time as the head of Germany from 1982-1998.

Though Mr.Kohl is said to have tried vehemently to halt the book’s publication, it published nevertheless and seems to contain some fascinating insight.

The Daily Mail writes:

The former German chancellor Helmut Kohl branded the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana ‘idiotic’, an explosive new book has claimed.

The 84-year-old, who led Germany from 1982 to 1998, also added that had Diana become queen immediately, she ‘would have done her bit in bed’.

It has also emerged he described Prince Philip as a ‘blockhead’ and accused former prime minister Margaret Thatcher of falling asleep at meetings.

The claims come in a controversial book by by journalist Heribert Schwan and is based on extensive interviews with the former chancellor.

According to the book, Mr Kohl told Mr Schwan that while Prince Charles was ‘entirely friendly’, he was unimpressed with his marriage to Diana Spencer in 1981.

He said: ‘Her marriage was an absolutely idiotic affair.

‘Had she become queen immediately she would have done her bit in bed, created three princes and her duty to the nation would have been fulfilled. But like this she had to travel around, talk to mayors and so on and then she withered away.’ (Daily Mail)

I don’t think he said anything particularly damning, but I understand a person, especially a public figure, not wanting their personal views remembered ahead of their political career.

One thought on “New Book Claims Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl Thought Marriage of Prince Charles and Diana Was ‘Idiotic’

  1. I agree: I have heard of much more incendiary remarks that other world leaders have made, and this one is barely tepid. In retrospect I think a great many people, whether they were important or ordinary, view the marriage of Diana and Charles as idiotic, and a huge mistake. They were not especially happy and the only remarkable thing about her was her ability to manipulate the press and public opinion. That, she was good at, and it caused a lot of angst for the Royal family, her family, and friends. I think Camilla made a much better wife for Charles, and more importantly, she supports him publicly and privately. She doesn’t make waves. That trumps a manufactured fairytale any day. I rather like German political figures speaking their mind. They shoot from the hip. While Merkel is more careful with what she says, I would love to hear some of her private thoughts. I am under the impression that they would be more than interesting!

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