Princess Leonore of Sweden at the Pumpkin Patch

Princess Leonore

I love that Princess Madeleine shares snippets of her family’s life on Facebook. Not too much, but just enough. I think it’s such a great way of meeting the people/media halfway. I think Kate and William could learn a lot from royals that embrace this way of compromising.

Anyway, this particular post Princess Madeleine shared of Princess Leonore at the pumpkin patch was too cute not to share. Look at her cute bow! And those leopard shoes!


2 thoughts on “Princess Leonore of Sweden at the Pumpkin Patch

  1. I like the way Madeleine is handling public interest in her daughter. She strikes a nice balance between maintaining her private life and future public life with the careful release of pictures. Leonore will always be a public figure in Sweden, but will have an easier time of maintaing a private life since she is not the heir to the throne. I think Victoria also handles Estelle’s publicity appropriately as well. Most European countries do, with the exception of the English. With England, we are either inundated with pictures of George or we see very little of him at all. People are either hyper interested in him or could care less. I find myself in the latter category.

  2. ya the way kate and william are raising george as future king is questionable on many levels, they cant hide him forever, he will attend school then what? Sue all paparazzi! The more the pics are out there the less he will stalked, the europeans are doing an amazing job with their kids!

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