Crown Princely Couple of Sweden expecting baby no. 2!

Crown Princess Victoria PregnantWhen I read the news last Saturday, I squealed with joy.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 10.27.18

Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel seem like absolutely doting parents with Princess Estelle, and I’m sure she will be an enthusiastic big sister, to say the least!

Congrats to them, congrats to Sweden!

My royal sources are suggesting Princess Sofia may be expecting as well… I think that’s pretty plausible. (Far more believable than Kate being pregnant with baby no. 3, as lots of US mags are speculating.)

3 thoughts on “Crown Princely Couple of Sweden expecting baby no. 2!

  1. Congratulations to the expectant parents. I have been hoping that Daniel and Victoria would have another child, which is a big win for us, since we will see more delightful pictures. They do seem like very good parents and their daughter is certainly a happy and well adjusted child.

    Whenever I see U.S. Magazines with stories about the British royals, I cringe. They are always outrageous fabrications. If you believed any of them, the Queen is feuding with Camilla, Kate, and the Middletons, and Charles is feuding with the Middletons and Kate and William. All rubbish. They are too busy and too sensible for that kind of nonsense. Also, ever since Charlotte was born, I have seen that Kate is pregnant again with her third or with twins. I refuse to pay for rubbish like that. That is why I buy Royalty, Majesty, and Hello! They at least get things right, although Hello! Does speculate on occasion; just not as much as the homegrown press.

    I am glad to see you back again with another post, since I always enjoy them. I expect your job and friends are keeping you busy. Have fun and thanks for posting, and let us know when you have news about you or the royals!

    1. Jamiemid! I’m so glad to be back and *see* you’re still reading even though I’ve absolutely dropped the ball lately! But I have had some really good changes around here and am excited to get back in the game. 🙂 And you’re so right about the US press. It’s ridiculous. It’s interesting because my mom was saying how during the Diana era the US press was actually pretty accurate in the end, especially about their crumbling marriage etc. But I think Kate sells well in the States because so many people buy into the fake fairytale… I sure did for the longest time!

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