The Christening of Prince Nicolas of Sweden (In Photos)

Prince Nicolas baptismPrince Nicolas baptismPrince Nicolas baptism Prince Nicolas baptism Prince Nicolas baptism

The Prince was christened Nicolas Paul Gustaf

People magazine writes:

When it comes to royal christenings, Princess Charlotte may have some competition.

Sweden’s newest little prince, H.R.H. Prince Nicolas Paul Gustaf, Duke of Angermanland, was baptized in royal splendor at the Royal Chapel in the Drottningholm Palace, Stockholm, on Sunday.

Nicolas, the son of Princess Madeleine, 33, and her British-American husband Christopher O’Neill, 41, was born on June 15, only a few days after his parents attended the royal wedding for Madeleine’s older brother Prince Carl Philip. Nicolas’ connection to his uncle will be further cemented at the christening, as Carl Philip is set to serve as his godfather. The handsome prince is no stranger to godfather duty – he is already one to Nicolas’ cousin Princess Estelle.

Much like the British royal family, the Swedes have christening traditions of their own. Nicolas wore a christening gown that had previously been worn by Carl Philip during his christening in 1979.

Nicolas’ christening marks the third major royal baptism of this year. Monaco’s royal twins, Gabriella Thérése Marie and Jacques Honoré Rainier Grimaldi, were christened in May, while Prince William and Princess Kate‘s daughter was baptized in July.

As with Charlotte’s christening, Nicolas’ elder sibling, 19-month-old Princess Leonore, stole the show.

Can we just take a minute to talk about how STUNNING Princess Madeleine looks? She exudes happiness and it’s absolutely wonderful to see.

Prince-Nicolas-Sweden-Christening-Pictures (1)

On a gossip note: It seems that Emma Pernald, Prince Carl Philip’s ex before Sofia was invited to be a guest, seeing as how she’s one of Madeleine’s best friends, but was asked not to attend at the request of Carl Philip and Sofia? So many questions, so little time. I can kind of see that happening. But I don’t know, do Carl Philip and Sofia really have that much power?

2 thoughts on “The Christening of Prince Nicolas of Sweden (In Photos)

  1. I loved the pictures. Everyone looked so happy, and Madeline looked as beautiful as I have ever seen her. I saw a picture of the little prince when he was a newborn, and he has changed so much. He looks so much like his sister, Leonor. I can’t decide which parent they most resemble. That was interesting about the ex, and I wonder what they were worried about? I can’t imagine anyone would use a christening to score points on an ex, but presumably they were bothered about something, if that is true. I do love good gossip! Thanks for making that story even more delightful! You rock, Anna!

    1. She definitely deserves all the happiness after what she went through with Jonas B. I really am happy for her and Chris. I think Leonor really has her dad’s expressions! And yeah, the ex gossip really was the icing on the cake for this story. 😉 I thoroughly enjoy it. But so much of me feels for Emma P. Oy. If only we were a fly on the way… 😉 Thanks for your support, jamiemid! I’m always excited to see your comments.

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