Fights with Kim Kardashian, boob job denials, whale confrontations, & more…

Royal rumours

I had to round up a few of these headlines after I read them, they were too hard to resist. I won’t provide any additional commentary, just let you chime in with your take. 😉


One thought on “Fights with Kim Kardashian, boob job denials, whale confrontations, & more…

  1. Star Magazine has no credibility; very few gossip mags here do. It’s just another cheap silly shot at the Middletons. Now that Kate is a royal duchess, they can’t really attack her, so they go after her mother, who has always been a favorite target for the gutter press, and the snobby set. It’s ridiculous. I like all of the Middletons even if one of them does take a lot of vacations! As for the Kardashian nonsense. No, just no. Star is always trying to equate Kim K with Kate, and it’s a joke. There is no comparison between an educated, elegant woman and a plastic faced bimbo. There just isn’t. They don’t even know each other, so enough already! Most royal related nonsense is just that. I appreciate your site because you don’t post things that aren’t true. Things must really be difficult for the gossip rags with the things they are churning out lately. They know nothing, so they make things up. I never would have guessed the Danish Royals would be a target for this silliness, but they seem to be well represented this week. Most of us are fond of our favorite royals and we don’t believe the nonsense. Apparently the gutter press is aiming at the low information crowd. Some people will believe anything. I have to admit that most of these headlines made me laugh out loud. I can frequently be seen snickering at the checkouts at the grocery store, where shoppers are regaled with silliness every week. I never see anyone buy them, but some one must. I will look at the whale story, but the rest of them gave me a chuckle and I will not click on those. They havegiven me a good laugh as most jokes do.

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