Crown Princess Mary covers Vogue Australia, August 2016

I’ve written about Royals that have covered Vogue in the past, including Crown Princess Mary. And I think she does it brilliantly. She is not afraid of donning ball gowns and channeling her inner fierce to get some seriously fabulous shots. If I were a Princess, I would follow in Mary’s footsteps opposed to Kate’s when it came to my Vogue shoots. 😉


Edwina McCann introduces the August issue of Vogue Australia.

The job – and it is a job – Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary do is commendable, and I have the utmost admiration for them both. The Crown Princess kindly welcomed Vogue Australia back into her home this month, 12 years after she was first photographed for our cover, soon after her wedding. We discovered a woman at ease with her public life and position, who is driven to use her influence and the privilege it awards her to further causes close to her heart: gender equality and sustainability. She is knowledgeable, fiercely intelligent and well-informed about the issues. The Crown Princess does her homework. She is making her mark as a world leader and passionate advocate in these areas. With her energy and drive I suspect this is still only the beginning of the enormous contribution she will make.


Mary on being a ‘role model’:

“I find it difficult to speak of myself as a role model, as role models are defined by the individual. It is what they see in a person that gives meaning or inspiration to them that makes another person a role model for them,” the Crown Princess said. “It’s not something I consciously think about. But at the same time, I am very aware of my role and my responsibility. If I can inspire others and if others see something in me that can motivate them, then that’s a big compliment.” (Vogue)



So what do you think? Do you find Mary’s approach better or Kate’s?


2 thoughts on “Crown Princess Mary covers Vogue Australia, August 2016

  1. I think Mary’s shoot was much better than Kate’s. The pictures of Mary were beautiful, and extraordinary. Sadly, the pictures of the duchess were not. She could have been anyone, and the clothes were nothing to write home about. Both women are beautiful, and while Mary looked every inch a princess, Kate just looked like a young thirty something woman. The pictures were ordinary, and nothing special, and neither were the clothes. The one with the hat was awful. It reminded me of the hats Chico Marx wore in all of his movies! Mary came off as natural and real, and Kate by comparison was stiff. It was just not very well done. Kate is lovely, but the pictures were just so blah, and showed us nothing of the woman we all are used to seeing. The Damish royals always seem more natural and approachable. The fact that Friederich was in some of the photos made them more special, and like a fairy tale. Mary’s clothes were the stuff of fairy tales, and the shoot was incredibly romantic. By comparison, Kate’s more natural looking shoot came off as more staged and managed. I remember being extremely disappointed when that issue came out. I expected more from Vogue, and it just wasn’t there. The Danes and the Swedes are some of my favorite royals, because they seem Royal and incredibly down to earth at the same time. They wear clothes that I could see myself wearing, and they seem themselves. Sometimes with the British royals I feel like I am not seeing them being themselves. Kate has morphed into a royal who is more royal than thou. In the beginning she was lovely and refreshing, and now she is playing a version of herself. Her voice has become so upper class and “refined” with such aristocratic lockjaw, that she is barely comprehensible when she opens her mouth. I miss the person she was. Give me Mary over Kate any day. Mary has a very busy schedule, and the fact that she carved out the time to do her shoot and still appeared carefree and Royal at the same time, blows me away. Kate appears at her best when she is out and about. When she is playing princess, as it were, it is generally a disappointment.

  2. I do agree that Mary’s photos are absolutely stunning. But I think that there is no reason to compare Kate and Mary. The way the two families work is completely different so for Kate to even do a cover was a huge step. I believe that she wanted to look more down to earth and more like her private self, which makes sense if you consider the fact that Kate is still trying to find her own path as a british royal.

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