Prince Harry & Meghan Markle: A love match at last?


I had no idea who Meghan Markle was until a few weeks ago when her name started popping up in headlines across the web. I googled her a bit, was stunned by her beauty, and found the fling to be rather believable. Emphasis on fling. Then the palace released a statement on Harry’s behalf pleading to leave his new lady in peace, and I knew she must really be something. (Side note: I also thought that must really irk Kate seeing as how she waited for William for ten years during which she was hounded by the press, only William hardly spoke up for her…)  And William just released his own statement on the matter…

Speaking of Kate, the Kate and Meghan comparisons are in full swing. And there’s already rumor aplenty that Kate is already feeling threatened by Meghan (to be taken with a grain of salt, of course).

It’s pretty incredible, to say the least, how far the royals have come in such a short time (relatively speaking), it was only 60 years ago that Princess Margaret was denied her love, Peter Townsend, something worth bringing up because Meghan is a divorcee as was Peter Townsend. But thankfully the Queen seems to have come around, seeing as how Prince Charles married not only a divorcee, but his mistress.

It will be interesting to see how this relationship continues to unfold, I for one hope it ends with the ring, as Harry does seem over the moon, and we’re all hoping Harry finds happiness at last.

What do you think? Should we dust off our fascinators and get ready for a royal wedding?


5 thoughts on “Prince Harry & Meghan Markle: A love match at last?

  1. Like you, I had never heard of her until a few weeks ago when Harry denounced mean tweets about her as racist, so of course I googled her to see who she was. She is very pretty and she seems like a really nice girl for him. I hope they do get married, but then we will see the inevitable made up stories that Kate is jealous, and that Camilla doesn’t like her. I think I have seen those types of stories endlessly. Camilla has too much to do to be engaging in junior high antics, and whenever one sees pictures of her and her purported victims, they seem to be getting along quite well. I do agree though, that if I were Kate, I would be irritated to find my husband speaking out in support of his brother’s girlfriend, when he said nothing in ten years to support me. I think he did after they were engaged, but not before. As Willliam seems to be rather dorky and clueless, she must be used to it by now! I think he means well, and wants to support his best friend, and didn’t consider the similarity of their situation. We all need a nice royal wedding in the summer of 2017! It has been too long since the last one. Welcome back, and please don’t be gone so long next time. We miss you.

  2. I don’t think we should be judging William about this. There was absolutely nothing he could to to actually protect Kate. Even if he had issued a similar statement, do you really think that the press would stop harassing Kate? I think it would make the situation worse. It’s not like the press is going to stop harassing Meghan just because Harry issued a statement either-but for now, at least they got their confirmation and a basis for multiple made up articles about them so they don’t have to bother her for a story.

    1. Probably they would not have stopped harassing her, but it would have been a nice gesture all the same. But then we can’t know that they didn’t discuss it privately, when she would have been reassured of his feelings on the matter. Your point is taken. Do all monarchies and principalities struggle with this problem, or is it the British royals in particular that are plagued with it? I know individual concerns pop up from time to time, but is the press particularly intrusive with the British royal family? You being in Europe would have a better perspective than we do.

      1. I guess it would look nice to us, but if they knew that this wouldn’t help (and might have added fuel to the fire as well), William would never take this risk just to seem romantic to us. I get what you’re saying, but they stayed together throughout all this so I’m sure Kate was well aware of his intention to protect her. They all do up to a certain point. Crown Princess Victoria had talked about her struggles with her body image and the role the media played. And Princess Madeleine had similar issues-although I think the worst time for her was when she moved to the UK. She actually left the country because of the treatment she got from the media. I guess all royal families struggle with this, but the situation is far worse in the UK.

  3. Just like you mentioned, I don’t know how serious the relationship is, but I adore Meghan! I’ve followed her ever since I started watching Suits a few years ago (which she is excellent in btw) and was actually (happily) surprised to hear they were dating!

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