Getting serious with Harry & Meghan

As you all know, I love a good theory, especially when there are legitimate clues involved. So last night, while perusing the old Instagram, I decided to check Meghan’s. I was surprised to see her latest post about shutting down her blog, The Tig. What would normally be of little interest to me, this news actually piqued my interest. Because for me, this points to things getting serious for her and Harry. I know that many people expect her exit on Suits to be the ultimate sign — and which I expect to inevitably happen within the next year — but I think this is a sign as well.


While I understand that running a blog is actually a lot of work, cough cough this blog is a prime example, I don’t think she was doing it all herself. And I have a sneaking suspicion she has  lot of down time while holed up at Harry’s Kensington Palace apartment. So why shut it down? Or why not just put it on a hiatus? Something bigger is at play here, and I for one really really hope we have news of an engagement soon because I am beyond intrigued to see how their relationship can bring some life to the British Royal Family. And because we all want Harry to be happy.

Though, of course, this will break my Harry + Chelsy-loving heart… le sigh.

What do you think? Am I reaching or is there something to be said about the shutting down of “The Tig”?

4 thoughts on “Getting serious with Harry & Meghan

  1. I’m with you on this one. I was a subscriber, and I got the notice that she was shutting down the Tig, and that’s the first thing that I thought. I wondered when they were announcing the engagement! Clearly she had help with it, and seemed to enjoy being a part of it, but I do think that if she is moving towards being a part of the family, she can’t be promoting food, wine, clothing, etc. it just wouldn’t be considered proper. I am sorry to see that go, because it was fun to read. I think this relationahip is much more serious than most people think, and yes, I had always hoped Harry and Chelsey were getting back together someday, but I think that ship has sailed. These two are both surprisingly private for such high profile individuals, and I can see them opting for a small, quiet, more intimate wedding instead of a big, splashy public one. They are both keen on philanthropy, and humanitarian endeavors, and they both know how to have fun, so this will be the couple everyone wants to watch. I do think, like you, that there are things going on, and arrangements being made, and there are certainly people in the know, who are not talking, which is as it should be! I suspect that because she is divorced, it will be a ceremony much like Charles and Camilla had, but will certainly draw huge crowds all the same. I like these two together, and I can’t wait for the wedding, but I don’t think what we want matters to them. 🙂 The only thing coming up in the near future is Pippa’s wedding, and we know that one is going to be a big society wedding, so it will be fun to see the pictures, but Harry’s wedding is the one we all want to see. I have always been very fond of that scamp, and he has grown into an amazing man. He will be a wonderful husband and father.

    1. I am so excited for Pippa’s wedding. I can’t help but giggle at what #pippatips she must have. 😉 “It’s a good idea for the bride to wear white and her bridesmaids to not wear white. #pippatips”

  2. Vanity Fair says George and Charlotte will be in the wedding. I guess we will have to wait and see. They are claiming she will be a bridesmaid, which seems ludicrous. I would believe flower girl, but not bridesmaid! George, purportedly, will be a page.

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