From the Writer’s Desk

A brief background

In 2014, a few years out of college, and during a window in time which I was interning and freelancing, I started this blog as a welcome distraction from the very painful realization that adulthood was not, in fact, exactly as expected. This stretch allowed me ample time to not only follow along closer with the happenings of royals, but also start this blog as a place where I could flex my newly acquired ‘journalist’ muscles. (I earned a B.S. in Journalism in 2012.)

It’s especially important to note the fact that at this time I was hoping to make a name for myself in journalism, so I had hoped to write this blog using the same approach I had when reporting — thorough sourcing, researching, and vetting. And I did just that! For quite some time, actually, and it was really fun. But real life called and I found a fantastic gig in Hamburg at an internationally renowned advertising firm a copywriter. Since then I’ve been busy building my career and life in Hamburg, updating this blog only sporadically. But I’ve decided to take more time to write in my free time and I’d really like to venture back into this space as a ‘passion project’ of sorts.

Ok, and?

Right, back to the point, so as a result of this rekindled endeavor, I hope to take this blog in a more creative direction and fostering more of a community approach. What’s celebrity gossip if you can’t discuss with someone else? But I also want to make this a space you can check each day for a fun, informative respite from the stress of everything else that rules our days. Sometimes checking out of reality and taking a peek into lives we can only begin to imagine having can provide us the chance to daydream and sometimes breathe a sigh of relief that our every move isn’t being put under a microscope…

What this means

In the time I figure out the direction and approach I’ll take to what this blog will entail, be aware that things may start to look a little wonky here and there as I redo the website. There will be a rhythm, eventually, to the posting, but again, right now it’s just in the restructuring stage and will certainly show signs of growing pains. But you can follow along for daily postings on the Instagram, and any other big changes I’ll be sure to let you know of here.

Side note:

This is not an website written from the perspective of a royal expert, though I do know a ridiculous amount of royal knowledge. But it’s a place to have fun. Be inspired. Share in a healthy dose of gossip and gawking. It’s a website dedicated to being entertaining.

Most importantly

Thank you for reading along. And putting up with long hiatuses and even random changes. I think you’ll be happy with what’s in store. At least, I hope!

Thanks for reading & welcome to the new Duchess-at-Large.

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