Heeding the Headlines: Navigating the Royal Rumor Mill

2018 has been a whirlwind both for me personally and for the world at large — and I have to admit I’ve been absolutely awful at keeping up with this blog (a trend, it seems). But a LOT of people have been writing me asking for a breakdown of the rumored disputes ravaging headlines as of late. While I am extremely flattered by the assumption that I have any inside scoop, I must admit, I do not.

BUT, I do have some input regarding the feud that seems to be growing more each day…

A brief timeline

As I’m sure you know, every since the Royal Tour to Australia, the Royal Rumor Mill has been so hot I’m not sure how it hasn’t yet burst into flames. In the past few months we’ve had…

3 thoughts on “Heeding the Headlines: Navigating the Royal Rumor Mill

  1. I’ve been following the shenanigans with interest and it takes me back to the days of Diana and Fergie. However, when staff are said to be passing on information then there are problems that weren’t there before and that’s a bigger problem than friends of friends being a source of (mis)information (I think you mean baulk rather than bowk).

    1. Ha thanks for that correction! I wrote it in haste & meant to go back & change it. 😉 But you’re right, staff passing information is HIGHLY problematic.

      1. LOL – Glad you didn’t mind but I learnt a new word (bowk) as well so thank you. PCs/Macs have a great way of autocorrecting without anyone knowing.

        I do think there are major problems at KP. There’s been nary a whisper over the past few years of arguments etc and the gossip is coming from so many different directions that there has to be much more than a grain of truth to it all. If you can’t treat staff right then you’re on a hiding to nothing and you’ll barely recover from the damage.

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