Heeding the Headlines: Navigating the Royal Rumor Mill

2018 has been a whirlwind both for me personally and for the world at large — and I have to admit I’ve been absolutely awful at keeping up with this blog (a trend, it seems). But a LOT of people have been writing me asking for a breakdown of the rumored disputes ravaging headlines as of late. While I am extremely flattered by the assumption that I have any inside scoop, I must admit, I do not.

BUT, I do have some input regarding the feud that seems to be growing more each day…

A brief timeline

As I’m sure you know, every since the Royal Tour to Australia, the Royal Rumor Mill has been so hot I’m not sure how it hasn’t yet burst into flames. In the past few months we’ve had…

From the Royal Archives: Henry VIII’s Break-Up Letter

I suspect we’ve all been plagued with a passive aggressive break-up text or two in today’s day and age. I most definitely have. But unlike the following scenario, I doubt the guys in my life who chose such a cowardly approach to do it would thought more than 5 seconds about what to write.

Unlike… King Henry VIII who called a counsel to craft the perfect break-up letter. (And I’m not sure which is the worse of the two, calling a council or firing of a text with little to no thought at all.)

[The following takes place during the divorce of Henry VIII and his first wife, Catherine of Aragon.]

Catherine waited a few days; then, as more and more of the courtiers that remained rode off to join the King, she wrote her husband a letter. She was sorry she had not been roused before he left to bid him Godspeed. She would be happy to know that he was well.

Back came a curt and querulous reply. Little she cared about his health or peace of mind. Her obstinacy was destroying both. He was better when he did not see her.

Catherine wrote again, submissively, but with a dignified hint that if this was good-bye, at least their long life together made it only decent that good-bye should be spoken face to face.

This time Henry chose to treat his wife’s letter as a state document. He made it the subject of a council meeting which consumed several days in drafting a short, harsh answer, the gist of which was that the Queen’s disobedience in refusing the neutral court at Cambrai had so displeased the King that he did not wish to see her again.


Mattingly, Garrett. “Part III: The Divorce of Henry VIII (1527-1536); Chapter Three, Section iv” Catherine of Aragon. New York: Quality Paperback , 1990. 334. Print.

From the Writer’s Desk

A brief background

In 2014, a few years out of college, and during a window in time which I was interning and freelancing, I started this blog as a welcome distraction from the very painful realization that adulthood was not, in fact, exactly as expected. This stretch allowed me ample time to not only follow along closer with the happenings of royals, but also start this blog as a place where I could flex my newly acquired ‘journalist’ muscles. (I earned a B.S. in Journalism in 2012.)

It’s especially important to note the fact that at this time I was hoping to make a name for myself in journalism, so I had hoped to write this blog using the same approach I had when reporting — thorough sourcing, researching, and vetting. And I did just that! For quite some time, actually, and it was really fun. But real life called and I found a fantastic gig in Hamburg at an internationally renowned advertising firm a copywriter. Since then I’ve been busy building my career and life in Hamburg, updating this blog only sporadically. But I’ve decided to take more time to write in my free time and I’d really like to venture back into this space as a ‘passion project’ of sorts.

Ok, and?

Right, back to the point, so as a result of this rekindled endeavor, I hope to take this blog in a more creative direction and fostering more of a community approach. What’s celebrity gossip if you can’t discuss with someone else? But I also want to make this a space you can check each day for a fun, informative respite from the stress of everything else that rules our days. Sometimes checking out of reality and taking a peek into lives we can only begin to imagine having can provide us the chance to daydream and sometimes breathe a sigh of relief that our every move isn’t being put under a microscope…

What this means

In the time I figure out the direction and approach I’ll take to what this blog will entail, be aware that things may start to look a little wonky here and there as I redo the website. There will be a rhythm, eventually, to the posting, but again, right now it’s just in the restructuring stage and will certainly show signs of growing pains. But you can follow along for daily postings on the Instagram, and any other big changes I’ll be sure to let you know of here.

Side note:

This is not an website written from the perspective of a royal expert, though I do know a ridiculous amount of royal knowledge. But it’s a place to have fun. Be inspired. Share in a healthy dose of gossip and gawking. It’s a website dedicated to being entertaining.

Most importantly

Thank you for reading along. And putting up with long hiatuses and even random changes. I think you’ll be happy with what’s in store. At least, I hope!

Thanks for reading & welcome to the new Duchess-at-Large.

And we’re back!

Related image

Wow. How do you write a post after being away for so long? Well, I haven’t been away per se, just busy. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been following all the royal happenings on a play-by-play basis! In fact, probably even more so.

You can follow along less formal, more impromptu posts over at royallyspeaking on Instagram.

But in the meantime, I’m while not able to post everyday happenings of royals here — which, of course, is unnecessary given the professional coverage available at your fingertips — I hope to venture back into more insightful, less covered royal topics, such as protocol, history, drama, and the like.

I hope you’ll continue to join me, and thanks for being so patient in the meantime.



A new baby prince & other royal news from Sweden

It’s been far too long since a proper royal update, and for that I am truly sorry. Sadly, this is merely a side hobby, and real life obligations take precedence. Le sigh. But I’m here now, so let’s get on with it, shall we? 


Sweden’s Prince Carl Philip & Princess Sofia welcomed a sweet baby boy to their family of three! I have to admit, I love the low-key approach they take to presenting him to the world. The Swedish royals are just so… relatable? (As much as one can relate to a royal family. 😉 )  The name of the new baby has yet to be revealed.

Princess Madeleine Baby Announcement

In other exciting Swedish family news… Princess Madeleine revealed on her Facebook that she & Chris are expecting baby no. 3! I love how she communicates directly with everyone on Facebook. I wonder if Kate will someday do the same… (highly doubtful, but a gal can dream).



The time I chatted with Will & Kate in Hamburg

Yes! It’s true! I met and chatted with both! But first we must rewind…

In the middle of June, the royals announced a seemingly spontaneous tour of Poland and Germany. My sweet coworkers, knowing my love of royals, began emailing me and stopping by my office to alert me of the news. And after a few strokes of the keyboard, I was able to verify.

Royal Tour Germany, July 21, 2017, Will & Kate in Hamburg

It was true. The British were, in fact, coming! But I didn’t let myself get my hopes up too much. You see, I’ve seen the Danish royals when the visited in May of 2015, and I didn’t manage to snag so much as a wee wave. So getting to even talk to William or Kate? “Yeah right,” I thought.

And, as my father so lovingly reminds me often, “Keep your expectations low and you’ll never be disappointed.”

Armed with my father’s wisdom and the reality that Kate fans can be a bit… pushy, I wasn’t hoping for more than a photo up close.

Fast forward a few weeks to the day of…

I’m lucky in that I live near the Elbphilharmonie, one of their stops on the tour, as well as the fact that I get that generous, European amount of vacation days, and as an American who still feels guilty for taking time off, well I had more than enough left over to use a half day.

So I hoped on my bike around 12 to head that way. They were due to arrive at 2:40 p.m. As I rode down that way I couldn’t help but be a bit disgruntled with myself that I hadn’t managed much earlier. I was expecting a crowd of thousands already set up.

I was pleasantly surprised when I came upon a mere hundred, leaving me plenty of time to post up.

First, though, I’d have to strategize where to stand. So I found a news anchor who was preparing herself and asked where she was planning to get the shot. (As a journalism major, I knew she had the best insider scoop.) She was super kind and explained that the majority of the crowd was near the entrance as Kate & Will were due around 2:00p.m. to enter the concert hall… BUT(!), if I was willing to wait, and wanted a more “personal” experience, she recommended  I stand at the hardly crowded exit, as they would take time after the concert for a walkabout.

So I found a spot that, admittedly, was almost too good to be true. And I waited. My good friend met me on her lunch break and was patient enough with me to put up with my competitiveness with the crowd for a good position.

The crowd made for some grand people watching as we waited.

There was the Kate Middleton lookalike — there were many actually, and I kind of loved the amount of reporters even trying to replicate Kate’s style.

Royal Tour Germany, July 21, 2017, Will & Kate in Hamburg

There was the lady who was PISSED that the royals were even there. (Purposely cropped out.)

Royal Tour Germany, July 21, 2017, Will & Kate in Hamburg

There was a royal pup! IMG_6764

And the people opting for a birds-eye view… IMG_6776

Then before we knew it, was time. (Quick side note: there was a woman there determined to get the books she wrote into Kate’s hands. At first it was endearing. Then it became… intense. But her determination meant that Kate stopped and chatted with our portion of the crowd, so I guess that’s a plus!)

Royal Tour Germany, July 21, 2017, Will & Kate in Hamburg

Royal Tour Germany, July 21, 2017, Will & Kate in Hamburg

Kate in HamburgIMG_6799Royal Tour Germany, July 21, 2017, Will & Kate in Hamburg

Kate very graciously accepted the books as the woman gave her the books for George’s 4th birthday. It was very sweet actually. And Kate was so kind and patient. It is worth noting that Kate does seem rather shy. I don’t know how she managed the crowd. I was overwhelmed and no one was hollering my name or shoving things my direction. She was so graceful under pressure.

My journalism instincts must have kicked into high-gear next, as I somehow managed to catch this exchange between Kate and the girl next to me (whom I did not film for privacy reasons).


The girl told Kate how much she appreciated the work they’ve done for mental health with Heads Together (which they have done wonderfully, and something I’ve been meaning to write about on here for a while). Kate took the time to be so incredibly kind and thoughtful in her response. It was truly amazing how she managed to stay focused with many other people in the crowd.

Bravo Kate. Bravo.


(A selfie! I couldn’t help but think back to this post. And I couldn’t dare ask her to pose with me. I actually became surprisingly tongue-tied upon actually meeting her!)

I was so starstruck after saying hello and shaking Kate’s hand (not captured on film, of course), that I almost nearly forgot William was coming as well.

Royal Tour Germany, July 21, 2017, Will & Kate in Hamburg

Royal Tour Germany, July 21, 2017, Will & Kate in HamburgMeeting Wills and Kate in Hamburg

William was asking people if they spoke English, and somehow I managed to think quick and use this to my advantage. I piped up, “Greetings from America, Will!” To which he immediately came our way and shook my hand, asking, “Whereabouts in America are you from?” “Kansas!” I replied, the shock clear in my voice. “Kansas! What a beautiful spot,” he replied.

My mind was blown. I had just spoken with Prince William. THE Prince William whose name adorned my sister and my’s custom “I LOVE PRINCE WILLS” pencils throughout elementary schoool… THE Prince William whose photo I had affixed to my wall for most of my adolescence. THE Prince William whose wedding my sister and I woke up at 4 a.m. to watch. THE Prince William who is third inline to the throne. THE Prince William who will one day be the King of England.

It was clear. I had royally peaked.

Part II. soon to follow, wherein I start to get rude DMs from people across the world for my royal posts. 😉