Crown Princess Mary covers Vogue Australia, August 2016

I’ve written about Royals that have covered Vogue in the past, including Crown Princess Mary. And I think she does it brilliantly. She is not afraid of donning ball gowns and channeling her inner fierce to get some seriously fabulous shots. If I were a Princess, I would follow in Mary’s footsteps opposed to Kate’s when it came to my Vogue shoots. 😉


Edwina McCann introduces the August issue of Vogue Australia.

The job – and it is a job – Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary do is commendable, and I have the utmost admiration for them both. The Crown Princess kindly welcomed Vogue Australia back into her home this month, 12 years after she was first photographed for our cover, soon after her wedding. We discovered a woman at ease with her public life and position, who is driven to use her influence and the privilege it awards her to further causes close to her heart: gender equality and sustainability. She is knowledgeable, fiercely intelligent and well-informed about the issues. The Crown Princess does her homework. She is making her mark as a world leader and passionate advocate in these areas. With her energy and drive I suspect this is still only the beginning of the enormous contribution she will make.


Mary on being a ‘role model’:

“I find it difficult to speak of myself as a role model, as role models are defined by the individual. It is what they see in a person that gives meaning or inspiration to them that makes another person a role model for them,” the Crown Princess said. “It’s not something I consciously think about. But at the same time, I am very aware of my role and my responsibility. If I can inspire others and if others see something in me that can motivate them, then that’s a big compliment.” (Vogue)



So what do you think? Do you find Mary’s approach better or Kate’s?


Much (a)’do about nothing: Kate’s New ‘do

KATE'S NEW HAIRKate’s hair has long since been one of her few claims to fame. Her hair is reported on more than one could imagine (like this one from Elle, 38 PHOTOS OF PEOPLE MESMERIZED BY KATE MIDDLETON’S GLORIOUS HAIR)… and while I must admit it’s Pantene covergirl worthy… at the end of the day, it’s just hair.

But, of course, it was no surprise when reports started buzzing last night on twitter about a paparazzi shot from this weekend which featured what seems to be a new style (finally), this time with bangs.


Let’s not forget Kate has had bangs before and they didn’t seem to last long… let’s see how long this new look stays.

PANGBOURNE, UNITED KINGDOM - NOVEMBER 30: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge takes part in a day of activities and festivities to mark the occasion of St Andrew's Day at St Andrew's School on November 30, 2012 in Pangbourne, Berkshire, England. The Duchess visited the Pre-Prep School for under-5s, unveiled a plaque to officially open a new artificial turf playing field and met members of the school's hockey team, which she played for during her time as a pupil at the school (1986-1995). The Duchess also toured the school privately and watched the school's Progressive Games which are traditional games played indoors by teachers and students on St. Andrew's Day. (Photo by Arthur Edwards - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Which look do you prefer?

For what it’s worth, I think the new look is really lovely.

Royals in the Age of Twitter

LetiziaLast night upon seeing Kate’s latest look from her latest event, I tweeted without thinking. I tweeted it from my personal account, which I use for a lot of “thinking out loud,” as Twitter is seemingly designed for. More than anything, I wanted to highlight how fierce Queen Letizia is, and to bring my followers’/friends’ attention to it.

Then Regal Media was kind enough to retweet it. Which was pretty cool. And a few people agreed.

Rad, no?

Well, apparently I really ruffled some feathers… Some people responded that I was just “jealous,” which, HELLO, OF COURSE I AM. And someone else replied that Kate shouldn’t follow the fashion advice of a royal of a “failing royal house…”

For what it’s worth, I do love Queen Letizia and show favor to her as of late opposed to Kate… She’s a fellow journalist and you can’t deny her sassiness. But is this a personal attack on Kate, in the words of aforementioned tweets, “nah.”



Vanity Fair’s Best-Dressed Poll: Crown Princess Mary and Queen Maxima on the ballot

Vanity's Fair's Best-Dressed Poll: Crown Princess Mary and Queen Maxima on the ballotEarly last week, Vanity Fair released The International Best-Dressed List 2014. I was surprised by some of the honorees listed, especially Crown Princess Mary, and was happy to see Queen Maxima.

Vanity Fair's Best-Dressed Poll: Crown Princess Mary and Queen Maxima on the ballotI do love the outfit that landed Crown Princess Mary on the list — pictured above — however, have found most of her outfits a bit, lackluster. Most of the time it looks like she bought her dresses right off the latest runway, and while I love runway fashion, it’s more often than not not suitable for a royal. Perhaps picking certain looks and emulating the pieces and looks that you most like, but looking like a walking mannequin does no one any favors.

What’s worse, copying the exact look of another royal…

6While I hardly think Kate Middleton has the monopoly on skinny jeans and striped shirts — I can attest to wearing them far before I ever knew of Kate, as can many. But the green jacket featured above, identical to the slanted pocket, leaves one with doubts that this was a mere coincidence.

royal-682_1273245aEver since Kate hit the seen the media has been trying to push this comparison of the two “commoner” princesses narrative.

I don’t see it.

But, since Mary sometimes uses Kate as a fashion muse… and Kate sometimes looks to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana for inspiration… it seems as though the real royal most deserving of this Vanity Fair honor should be Diana herself. I suppose that’s not the popular opinion, just my own.

Vanity Fair's Best-Dressed Poll: Crown Princess Mary and Queen Maxima on the ballotQueen Maxima, however, I am so glad to have seen listed. She seems to add her own flair to every outfit, and has the confidence to make a potato sack look glamorous.

I sincerely wish we had seen Queen Letizia mentioned, though. She seems to take a lot of fashion risks, and stays true to her own style.

Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle’s Matching Dresses

Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle: Fashion Twins

Before Kate started doing it with Prince George, Crown Princess was, and has been, dressing her sweet daughter Estelle that match the outfits she herself once wore as a wee babe.

Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle: Fashion Twins Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle: Fashion Twins Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle: Fashion Twins Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle: Fashion Twins

Without sounding too much like my mom… I must say, this is one royal trend I can get behind. It also helps that the dresses Victoria once wore were absolutely precious.

I’m not completely sure, but I think Victoria has replicates of her dresses made, I don’t think they are the original. But I could be wrong…

Nonetheless, the two share an uncanny resemblance, and have similar sassy personalities!


Style File: Last week’s looks that flopped

Style Files

Queen Mathilde's dress at the wedding of

While Queen Mathilde’s dress looked chic and was the perfect pick for the wedding of Prince Amadeo, eldest son of Princess Astrid and Prince Lorenz, in Rome on July 5th 2014, it’s her hat that landed her on last week’s list of fashion flops. Queen Maxima wore the same hat last month for the D-Day Memorial, but managed to pull it off. Queen Mathilde’s hat was a funky color, and was styled much differently than that of Queen Maxima’s. And, for a wedding, don’t we expect something far more fancy? I do!

Prince Joachim Camoflage Prince Joachim’s first wife, Countess Alexandra, threw a lavish party last weekend in celebration of her 50th birthday. This is what Joachim thought looked good before leaving the house palace. Did he want to blend in during the event? If so, he clearly managed to accomplish the complete opposite. I can’t get over how terrible it is! Cringe!

FFN_FLYUK_Royals_TourdeFrance_070514_51469877Prince Harry. The pants, trousers, whatever you call them, we can all agree are horrific. Did he spill something on his original pair? Did he have to borrow a pair from someone last minute? Did his iron break? Did no one tell him they looked terrible? Or did they look better in person? So many questions, so few answers. And I demand answers, because there is no reason these should have happened.

wenn21514926Queen Letizia really shouldn’t be on this list. This look is only a slight miss, and far from a faux pas. However, the color of pants make it a miss, nonetheless. Had she picked a different shade, or color altogether, we wouldn’t have her on the list at all. But the light yellow just isn’t doing it for this look. But then again, she would make a potato sack look regal, the lady exudes royal.

kate-middleton-tour-de-france-green-dress-splThe duchess and this horrible, horrible coat.  We thought–hoped–we’d seen the last of it, and hardly expected to see it in July, nonetheless. A wool, green coat midsummer? I feel like this may be her rebelling against the demands for her to keep her derriere covered, and she’s saying, “Oh yeah, I’ll show you covered!” It seems as if passive-aggressiveness runs rampant in this royal family… but we’ll never know for sure. All we know is Kate clearly thinks this coat is amazing. (P.S. What do you think about her new hair? It hasn’t been noticed by most media outlets, so I think it’s not much of a change at all…)


tumblr_n8252dAbPV1rvo6i7o1_1280Princess Beatrice looked absolutely stunning last week at the Serpentine Gallery summer party. She pretty much made up for last week’s fashion misses.


The Top 5 Royal Wedding Looks: Flower Girls and Pageboys

5. The wedding of Crown Princess Victoria to Daniel Westling

Royal Flower Girls and Page BoysI’m not a fan of the flower girls’ dresses, however, the pageboy outfits make up for it in their cuteness. Plus, having the future Queens of Norway, and Belgium, plus the future King of Denmark makes this group extra darling.

4. The wedding of Hereditary Grand Duke Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg to StĂŠphanie de Lannoy’s

Royal Flower Girls and Page BoysThe colors, though a nice tribute to their country, were a tad too much for such an occasion…however, the literal cut of the dresses and suits were perfection. Had the colors been used more as accents, not the entire outfit, this group would have won by a landslide.

3. The wedding of Princess Madeleine to Chris O’Neill

Royal Flower Girls and Page BoysThe color palette was phenomenal. I love the use of white for the dresses, and how they don’t look too ‘bride-y’ — if you will. The flower girl dresses, plus their frilly socks and shoes, and tiny bouquets are precious. However, I think the older flower girl’s dress could have a been a bit longer. The pageboys’ outfits are sweet, but just seemed a bit unfinished… I can’t quite put my finger on it, though.

2. The wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton

Royal Flower Girls and Page BoysThis was a tough call. I loved these outfits so much, and thought the kids added so much personality to the wedding, but they lacked in uniqueness. The Spanish royal wedding oozed of cultural influence, and while the British royal wedding had the pageboys uniforms, the little flower girl dresses were… predictable. But, that doesn’t mean they weren’t absolutely darling.

1. The wedding of Prince Felipe of Spain to Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano

Royal Flower Girls and Page Boys

Royal Flower Girls and Page Boys The colors. The sashes. The ode to the country and its culture. The buckles on the shoes. The frills. THIS is how you do a royal wedding.

Bonus: The wedding of Prince Charles to Diana Spencer

Royal Flower Girls and Page BoysIn terms of candid royal wedding photos of all time, this is in my top three. But this is about the flower girls and pageboys… I love these dresses. They complemented Diana’s dress wonderfully. I think, however, the material looks a little too much like knit sheets, and I am not a huge fan of the flower crowns. The little shoes are so sweet and classic, though.