Crown Princess Mary covers Vogue Australia, August 2016

I’ve written about Royals that have covered Vogue in the past, including Crown Princess Mary. And I think she does it brilliantly. She is not afraid of donning ball gowns and channeling her inner fierce to get some seriously fabulous shots. If I were a Princess, I would follow in Mary’s footsteps opposed to Kate’s when it came to my Vogue shoots. 😉


Edwina McCann introduces the August issue of Vogue Australia.

The job – and it is a job – Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary do is commendable, and I have the utmost admiration for them both. The Crown Princess kindly welcomed Vogue Australia back into her home this month, 12 years after she was first photographed for our cover, soon after her wedding. We discovered a woman at ease with her public life and position, who is driven to use her influence and the privilege it awards her to further causes close to her heart: gender equality and sustainability. She is knowledgeable, fiercely intelligent and well-informed about the issues. The Crown Princess does her homework. She is making her mark as a world leader and passionate advocate in these areas. With her energy and drive I suspect this is still only the beginning of the enormous contribution she will make.


Mary on being a ‘role model’:

“I find it difficult to speak of myself as a role model, as role models are defined by the individual. It is what they see in a person that gives meaning or inspiration to them that makes another person a role model for them,” the Crown Princess said. “It’s not something I consciously think about. But at the same time, I am very aware of my role and my responsibility. If I can inspire others and if others see something in me that can motivate them, then that’s a big compliment.” (Vogue)



So what do you think? Do you find Mary’s approach better or Kate’s?


Royal DoppelgĂ€ngers: Kate Middleton and Prince Andrew’s Ex, Koo Stark

Royal DoppelgÀngers: Kate Middleton and Prince Andrew's Ex, Koo Stark

A few months ago, while reading The Royals, I learned for the first time about Prince Andrew’s ex Koo Stark. They dated for two years, but after her alleged “rowdiness,” Prince Philip ordered that Prince Andrew cut her loose.

Like most people I read about, I’m always quick to google them to put a face with a name. When I googled Koo Stark, I was flabbergasted; she looks so much like Kate Middleton!

I wasn’t too surprised to realize after a bit of searching that I’m not the first person to make this connection. In fact, Koo wrote a piece for the Daily Mail back in 2009, on the topic of being a royal girlfriend… The article was full of comparison shots of the two, which I’ve included below. Royal DoppelgĂ€ngers: Kate Middleton and Prince Andrew's Ex, Koo Stark Royal DoppelgĂ€ngers: Kate Middleton and Prince Andrew's Ex, Koo Stark Royal DoppelgĂ€ngers: Kate Middleton and Prince Andrew's Ex, Koo Stark Royal DoppelgĂ€ngers: Kate Middleton and Prince Andrew's Ex, Koo Stark

I think she and Kate are almost eerily similar in looks, even now…

Royal DoppelgÀngers: Kate Middleton and Prince Andrew's Ex, Koo Stark

I’d love to know your take… what do you think?

Royal Flings that didn’t End with a Ring: Crown Prince Frederik and Katja Storkholm

Frederik's Ex 1Before there was Mary, there were a few others that caught Crown Prince Frederik’s eye… Most often noted–of quite a few–is Katja Storkholm.

In fact, it was the mention of her being “the love of Frederik’s life” in Trine Villeman’s book, 1015 Copenhagen K, that left Crown Princess Mary in tears, and many wondering…

Fred and Katja

Forbidden Love

Crown Prince Frederik and Katja Storkholm began dating in his early twenties. He hit it off with the gorgeous lingerie model, and even popped the question; to which she said yes. The only problem was the fact that his mother, Queen Margrethe forbade the pairing, denying Frederik’s wishes to marry the woman who helped him through much of his military training, as well as his royal duties. It wasn’t the fact she was a lingerie model that halted the pair’s plans for marriage, rather the fact there is an unwritten rule in the Danish royal family that they marry non-Danish partners.

Apparently they’re not allowed to marry their own countrymen for fear that, because Denmark is so small, a Danish in-law or spouse might jeopardize the sovereign’s strictly enforced constitutional neutrality. – Royal Foibles


The book and its bombshells

Billed Bladet–Denmark’s People magazine for royals, if you will–had this to say about the matter after the book’s release…

The Ex and Mary Are Similar

The strong gaze. The high cheekbones. The little narrow and slightly reserved smile. Just three little details that Crown Princess Mary has in common with her predecessor, model Katja Storkholm, who is now 41 years old.

And just now, when both women have reached a certain maturity and rounded the big 40, the images very clearly show that the similarity between them is striking. And perhaps with good reason.

Although it is many many years ago that Frederik was dating the beautiful former lingerie model, sources close to the crown prince made no secret of that of all his now ex-girlfriends, Katja Storkholm is the one who has meant the most to him. And not only because it was her who broke off the relationship.

Thus, it is reported that Frederick was actually down on his knees and proposed to Katja. Which is hardly an ill-considered gesture for a Crown Prince.

According to Trine Villemann’s book ‘1015 Copenhagen K’ it was Katja Storkholm who helped Frederik find his own footing as Crown Prince and was a huge support for him. Among other things, it was her who backed him when he wanted to implement his tough training in the Frogman Corps.

“It happened only because Katja was there and because she supported him,” it says in the book where Villemann also called the pair “a real team.”

“It should have been those two,” she writes.

But the queen seemed to be opposed to the match. And finally, the pair then went their separate ways.

Katja Stockholm was subsequently married to three years younger lawyer and yachtsman Chresten Plinius at Frederiksborg Castle Chapel. Shortly after, the pretty model got pregnant and the couple had a son, Vitus.

In 2009, however, the marriage ended. And Katja Storkholm has since been a single mother and lives in Østerbro along with her son. She has trained as conservator and among other things, specialises in COBRA art.

“I am very diligent, but I also really prioritise my son. I’m his anchor, so that means more than work,” says Katja Storkholm in an interview with BĂžrsen.

Speaking about the Crown Prince doesn’t phase her. It is water under the bridge for the 41-year-old beauty.Danish Royal Media Watch

Katja wasn’t Crown Prince Frederik’s only love, but she certainly was one of the big ones. No one enjoys hearing about their partner’s exes, so I can understand Mary’s surprise, and discontentment, when she learned of this all in the pages of a book… but such is the life of a being a royal, public figure.

What do you think: Who does Prince George most resemble?

Who does Prince George most resemble
[Left to right: Kate, Prince George, Prince William]

Since his birth, or perhaps, even before, there’s been tons of speculation as to whether Prince George looks more like his mom, the Duchess of Cambridge, or his dad, Prince William. Lately it seems more and more media outlets have been leaning toward him looking like Prince William.

I’m not convinced. (This wasn’t even a little bit challenging…)

While Prince George and Prince William as a tot both have similar body language (lots of wiggling!), and wear similar outfits (I’m all about classic baby looks, Prince George’s look is timeless chic…), I personally think he looks like a Middleton.

What do you think?


When asked about his nephew recently, Prince Harry said, “He’s growing up. He is walking, and he has big, chubby cheeks. He looks like a young Winston Churchill.” 

Who does Prince George most resemble


What We Know About Prince Carl Philip’s FiancĂ©e, Sofia Hellqvist

1200 (29)

Since the engagement was announced, it seems articles are popping up everywhere about Crown Prince Philip’s new fiancĂ©e… but first, I think it’s important to know a bit of background on the soon-to-be Swedish princess…

10. Sofia Kristina Hellqvist was born on December 6, 1984 to a modest family in TĂ€by, Sweden.

9. She finished her basic schooling, then moved to Stockholm to work as a waitress and pursue a career as a “glamour model.”

8. In 2004, at the age of 20, she won the title of Miss Slitz from the men’s magazine Slitz.

7. After being awarded the title, Sofia was offered a spot on the reality TV show Paradise Hotel. She made it to the finale, however did not win.

6. She then moved to New York to work as a yoga instructor. It was during this time she lived with an older boyfriend and his child.

5. Upon moving back to Sweden, Sofia began frequenting the clubs Prince Carl Philip was known for visiting, and consequently ended up meeting him.

6. Sofia moved in with Carl Philip in 2011, less than a year after his split from long-term girlfriend Emma Pernald.

5. She has done various nude photos shoots, one of her earliest being when she was 16, which required her parents to sign off, as well as leave Sweden for the photos to be shot.

4. Sofia began work with the charity Project Playground in 2010, quite soon after she started dating Carl Philip.

3. She once made out with Jenna Jameson.

2. Queen Silvia took some convincing before she approved of the pair.

1. She has ruffled quite a few feathers, however, the royal PR machines seem to be doing an excellent job of “white-washing” her image.


But, as is true for all, the internet always remembers. Love, Lola has Sofia “in her own words” which is very interesting, indeed. I wonder, though, how many of her comments have been lost in translation… but then again, perhaps I am giving Sofia too much credit.

Royal DoppelgĂ€ngers: British Royal History Edition

1Prince William and his 14th Century ancestor King Edward I.

Royal DoppelgÀngers: British Royal History EditionPrincess Beatrice and her great-great-great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria.

Royal DoppelgÀngers: British Royal History Edition Prince Charles and his distant relative Edward VII, who also once held the title of Prince of Wales.

Royal DoppelgÀngers: British Royal History EditionLord Freddie Windsor and his ancestor Louis Frederick, Prince of Wales.

Royal DoppelgÀngers: British Royal History EditionPrince Michael of Kent and his grandfather, King George V.

Royal DoppelgÀngers: British Royal History EditionPrincess Beatrice and her great-great-grandmother, the Queen Mum.

Royal DoppelgÀngers: British Royal History EditionQueen Elizabeth II and her grandmother, Queen Mary.

Royal DoppelgÀngers: British Royal History EditionPrince Harry and his great-great grandmother, Queen Mary.

Royal DoppelgÀngers: British Royal History EditionPrince Edward and his grandfather, King George VI.

Royal DoppelgÀngers: British Royal History EditionLady Louise Windsor and her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

While some of these may be a stretch–like Prince Harry and Queen Mary, for one–some of these are eerily spot-on–like Prince Charles and Edward VII. What do you think?


Royal DoppelgĂ€ngers: Princess Madeleine and Kate Upton

Royal doppelgĂ€ngerI initially thought Princess Madeleine looked more like Margot Robbie, but I think she and Kate Upton could be sisters. Though the noses are noticeably different in their shapes, their face shapes and eyes are ridiculously similar. I think she’s a cross between Margot Robbie and Kate Upton… tough being the hybrid of two movie star beauties. 🙂

What do you think?

Royal DoppelgĂ€ngers: Crown Princess Mary and Patricia Heaton

Royal doppelgĂ€ngerI’ve been a long-time fan of Everybody Loves Raymond, so when I first saw a picture of Crown Princess Mary, way back when I visited Denmark, I immediately felt the “she looks so familiar, but why?” itch.

And then it hit me out of nowhere: She looks like Patricia Heaton, aka Debra Barone, Ray’s wife on the show!

If there is ever a movie made about the Danish Royals–fingers-crossed!–I think Patricia would be the perfect casting for Mary.

What do you think? What royals do you think look like other celebs?