Royal Rewind: Week of April 25, 2014

William and George April 25, 2014

This week in Royal news…

The Spanish Royals attended Easter Mass in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Infanta Leonor and Sophie looked darling, as usual.

Prince George was absolutely precious, though a bit unimpressed, on Easter Sunday at the Taronga Zoo.

The British Royals attended Easter service at Windsor Palace with the Queen.

A new portrait was unveiled of Queen Elizabeth II in honor of her 88th birthday.

The Ducal family was photographed on their day of rest and the BRF PR was not happy. But we got this .gif of Kate clicking her heels, which I like to think is her way of ‘sticking it to the haters.’

William and Kate went to Uluru to recreate visit the breathtaking views of the Australian outback… awkwardness was aplenty as the couple was photographed with Will saying to Kate, ““So what shall we talk about?” They then ‘glamped.’

The Queen and Prince Consort of Denmark had paid a State visit to China.

The Duchess of Cornwall’s younger brother passed away after a freak accident in New York.

William and Kate visited Adelaide and tried DJing. Again, awkwardness ensued.

The Swedish Royal Family released photos of baby Princess Leonore with her cousin, Princess Estelle. If you listen closely, you can hear the ‘awwwws’ around the world. (Or, at least mine.)

Kate wore an American designer dress for formal event in Canberra.

William and Kate attended ‘previously unscheduled’ memorial service, visited tomb of the Unknown Soldier, planted tree, and bid farewell to Australia, ending tour officially.

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First, GEORGE. The best of, because hello!

And The Official Ranking of his facial expressions. He is killing it.

Kate went from low, low, to neck high… oh girl, pick a happy medium!

Tour Question #8320: Where were the jewels?

US Weekly photoshopped their Prince George cover for God knows why.

Cressida allegedly ‘spooked’ by royal life after talking with Kate… and I’d just like to let it be known, Harry, I volunteer to take on the painstaking role of being your Princess. No matter how many tiaras and jewels I may be forced to wear, long hemlines be damned!

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Royal Rewind: Week of April 11, 2014

Royal visit to Australia and NZ - Day 3

This past week in Royal news…

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived Down Under to start their tour.

Man attempted to ‘meet with Queen’ said he figured she was expecting him.

The Queen hosted Irish state visit.

Prince George shined during his first official engagement.

William and Kate participated in wreath laying ceremony for war veterans, toured aviation center, and revealed a portrait of the Queen at evening reception.

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall celebrated their wedding anniversary.

William and Kate visited with RNZAF families, competed in yacht race against one another. (Kate won both races.)

William met with a 9-year-old girl, whom he had been photographed with in 2005, when she was 5 months old. (Pictured above.)

Around the web…

Kate had another ‘Marilyn Moment’ and it really is getting to be obnoxious.

Kate mentioned to one of the RNZAF mother’s that William was away often during the first months after Prince George was born.

Curious who’s the team behind the Cambridges on this tour (besides, of course, their nanny)? The ladies at What Would Kate Do gives us the 4-1-1 on Team Cambridge.

Prince Harry, William and Kate may be in the States next month for a friend’s wedding in Tennessee.



Royal Rewind: Week of April 4, 2014

William and Kate St. Andrews' graduation 2005

This past week in Royal news…

Since releasing last week’s latest family portrait, many have pointed out the similarities between Prince George and his mother, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Prince William, Prince Harry, and Kate attended friends’ Lucy Meade and Charlie Budgett’s wedding. Cressida was not in attendance.

Kate shopped at the Gap, 500 yards from Kensington Palace, while security waited outside in running vehicle.

Prince William, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen unveiled a new horse statue among cherry blossoms.

Worries grow as details continue to be released regarding the Royal tour Down Under.

Queen still kindles her love of horses at age 88.

The Duke of York, Prince Andrew, was bitten by the selfie bug.

Princess Eugenie visited hospital where she underwent spinal surgery as a child, opened a new wing.

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh met with the Pope at Vatican. Pope presented gift for Prince George.

Harry and Cressida’s engagement will be ‘sooner than many people think.’

Prince Harry visited Olympic Park, cuteness ensues.

Around the web…

Great piece from Victoria Arbiter, a second-generation Royals correspondent, on living at Kensington Palace.

Who wore it best from the ladies at Go Fug Yourself, as awesome as you’d expect.

PopSugar covered the ‘Evolution of the Royal Portrait.’

Kate Middleton Review wrote insightful piece on Kate’s shopping trip to the Gap.

Love, Lola wrote about the possible reasons Cressida wasn’t at the ‘Walking with the Wounded’ charity event, and also Royal bling. Both topics that prove more than intriguing.

And, as expected, everyone’s prepping for the Royal Tour… less than two days to go! More details to follow…

The Cambridges release new family portrait

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Release Family Photograph Ahead Of Tour To Australia & New Zealand

By George! How he has grown

A new portrait was released this week of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and sweet Prince George (and pup Lupo, too!) just in time for Mother’s Day (in the United Kindgom). I’m personally a bit disappointed that we only see the side of Prince George’s cherub-like face, but he sure looks cute from the side. He is reported to have ‘Middleton eyes‘ and is wearing a personalized sweater from grandpa Prince Charles.

Awkward family photo

To be honest, at first I wasn’t even sure if this photo was real. It reminded me a lot of the spoof photos artist Alison Jackson often does.

It’s a bit washed out, and I was surprised they would pick such a photo that 1. has George looking the wrong direction, and 2. makes Kate look as though she is gritting her teeth in disdain. It’s still a sweet photo, I just wouldn’t have picked it myself.

Kate Middleton Review wrote a blog post about the photo and touched on a lot of things I had previously overlooked. Like the fact it’s incredibly staged and appears to have a feeling of gloom about it.

Is it a coincidence that we are viewing them through the window?  It’s not an invitation into their intimate family moment—as other royal baby pictorials have been—it’s giving a peek into their family, but still blocking the viewer out.  There is literally a wall there between the viewer and the Cambridges.  It’s like they’re saying, “We’re in here, you are out there and you don’t get to come in.”  It’s a reflection of William’s attitude toward the press and public.

They go onto point out how often the press was granted family photos of the Prince and Princess of Wales when Prince William himself was a child.

You know what’s a happy family baby photo?  This one.  And this one.  And this one.  And this one.  Oh, and this one, too.  And those are just the top Google searches.  There are plenty more.  Unfortunately it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting that from George.

It makes me particularly uneasy seeing as how unhappy they look in such a staged, calculated photo.

Here’s to hoping their upcoming tour proves the couple to be a bit more, shall we say, happy to be in one another’s company.

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Kensington Palace’s renovation backlash


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are supposedly bracing themselves for backlash once the costs are revealed regarding their Kensington Palace renovations.

Budget woes

With the budget of Apartment 1A, once home to Princess Margaret, originally set at  £1 million, it’s expected to double by completion. Much of the initial cost was, however, because of “essential building work” which includes roofing, heating, and asbestos removal.

Color scheme disappoints

The color palette Kate had chosen initially has apparently left her dissatisfied and it must be redone. She’s said to be blaming her original choice of paint, and it’s “horrible purple tinge,”on the pregnancy hormones she was experiencing at the time.

Kensington Palace Apartments

Cost for taxpayers

I’m admittedly not well-versed on how much the monarchy receives from the taxpayers and how much is their own fortune, but with the economic climate as of late, and the hardships facing many at this time, I can certainly see how many would be frustrated with such reports of their royals spending. Add to that William and Kate’s £5,000 “donation” to flood victims and I’d be pretty disenchanted as well.

I’m not sure who helps guide the two in their royal spending, yet alone their public image, but it doesn’t take a PR maven to know this is not going to go over well…

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William and Kate visit Irish Guards for St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Irish Guards

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made their first official appearance together for 2014 today at the Battalion Irish Guards in Aldershot to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Kate and Irish Guard Dog

W + K

Baby on the way?

When asked about their future plans for another baby, William’s reported as saying, “Maybe one day. One’s enough at the moment.”

Maybe their trip last week wasn’t to work on baby no. 2 after all.

Kate meets wee girls

Kate looked stunning and was darling, as usual, while speaking with her little fans.  It was also revealed by William that Prince George is already crawling… I wonder if he still “roars like a lion.”

Gorgeous in green


It was much anticipated to see what Kate would wear, after having worn the same (fabulous) outfit the past two years. She did, however, wear the same hat that she wore this past Christmas. Some are frustrated that she bought a new outfit that looks exactly the same.

Her 2012 look is still my favorite.

But let’s be honest, green looks great on Kate, she looks happy, and that Domnhall, the Regimental Mascot, is absolutely brilliant. 

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