Update: Cheeky blog: ‘What Princess Kate Isn’t Doing’ now ‘What the Duchess Isn’t Doing’

What Kate Isn't DoingI somehow stumbled upon this blog today–What Princess Kate Isn’t Doing–now–What the Duchess Isn’t Doing–and almost spit my iced coffee out I was laughing so hard. It’s a blog full of posts of exactly what you’d expect from its title–things Kate isn’t doing…

Here are five of my favorite entries.

What Kate Isn't DoingTidying up the front seat of the minivan.

What Kate Isn't DoingScouring Target coupons for discounts on nappies.

What Kate Isn't DoingTaking a break from royal duties for 3-day-old Malbec, gummy bears, and a novel on her e-reader.

5Picking up George’s party invitations at Target.

What Kate Isn't DoingSpending her mornings behind the steering wheel of a minivan.Which her handmaids have clearly been forgetting to dust.

What Kate Isn't Doing






You can see more hilarious posts on the site here.

Gone with the Wind(sors): A Tale of One Duchess and her Derrière

Privacy: The Duchess of Cambridge is at the centre of a new privacy row after Bild in Germany published a picture of her bottom, alongside images of reality TV star Kim Kardashian and her sister Khloe
Privacy: The Duchess of Cambridge is at the centre of a new privacy row after Bild in Germany published a picture of her bottom, alongside images of reality TV star Kim Kardashian and her sister Khloe

Pixelated Princess

The Daily Mail blurred Kate’s bum. I seriously think they may have a member of the design department dedicated to blurring these indiscretions.

Yet another pictures has surfaced featuring the Duchess’s bum. One bystander of the event came forward recently with the photo. This “breach of privacy” happened literally days after Kate’s infamous landing in New Zealand first thing of the tour.

And, as I mentioned long ago, this wasn’t her first “Marilyn Moment.” For pete’s sake, there are enough moments like this that some sites have compiled slideshows.

The Ingenious that is ‘Underwear’

Here’s the thing: upon Kate’s first incident–of this tour–she should have either inserted weights in her hems, or worn a slip. Or maybe, I don’t know, a pair of underwear (call me crazy)... Heck, had I been her I would have put on Spanx over a pair of underwear–and most likely I would now be a never-nude a la Tobias Fuenke.

Royal DishI think that’s the reaction many would have after such incidents.

But really, she should have had such reactions after the first time it happened on tour, in Canada. The fact that those are among the first photos that pop up when you search “Kate Middleton Canada” should be a wake up call. And the fact that when you type in “Kate Middleton Dre…” it autocorrects with “Kate Middleton Dress Blows Up,” would make you think she’d be a bit more thoughtful about her undergarments in the future.

Breach of Privacy or Breach of Wardrobe?

So was it a “breach of privacy?” Firstly: I’m against the selling of such photos that someone has snapped, accidentally or purposely… but I do think calling this incident a “breach of privacy” is a stretch. It was at a public event. She was aware of the task at hand and the appropriate thing to wear. She decided against protecting herself from such incidents and decided to take a chance.

In fact, it wasn’t even a “wardrobe malfunction.” Everything functioned correctly. Her dress was made to flutter should there be wind. Her lack of underwear (or whatever she did wear) kept her bum uncovered, and voila. It’s not rocket science.

And had it been a “wardrobe malfunction,” she is still responsible. When Janet Jackson coined the phrase, she and the CBS network faced large fines…

How to stop your Marilyn moments, Kate

When articles are dedicated to informing you of how not to flash your bum, it’s time to take a hint.


Kate’s Royal Tour Fashion: New Zealand

Duchess of Cambridge New Zealand Outfits


Duchess of Cambridge New Zealand Outfits

Duchess of Cambridge New Zealand Outfits

Duchess of Cambridge New Zealand Outfits

The Duchess of Cambridge seemed to have had someone behind the scenes inspiring her outfits this tour. Whether it is actually on account of the Queen’s requests of longer hemlines, we can’t be sure, but we have seen Kate wear more ‘tailored’ looks lately.

Personally, I loved her striped-shirt, blazer, and skinny jeans look she wore sailing. But I like that outfit on anyone. Sadly, none of these looks ‘blew me out of the water.’ I feel there were more ‘mehs’ than usual. I do know that I wouldn’t be sorry if we never see that green coat dress again. That was a definite no.

I’d love to know…

Which look was your favorite and which was your least favorite? And what do you think about her hair? She’s reported to have a hairstylist on this tour and costs $500 a day. I think that’s a bit outrageous if true, Kate can surely blow out her hair herself and add a few curls, right? Hopefully we’ll see more up-dos the second half of this tour…


As always, for more information about Kate’s fashion What Kate Wore has you covered!

Does Kate get fashion inspiration from Princess Diana’s looks from the past?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s hardly disputable that the Duchess of Cambridge has created her own spot in fashion history, but ever since the day she stepped out of the Lindo Wing holding Baby George, I haven’t been able to think her fashion choices are all her own.

Yes, of course, she could have simply been paying homage to Prince William’s mom, Princess Diana, but it’s not the first time Kate has donned outfits remarkably similar to those of the late Princess.

But we can all agree Carole Middleton wearing this dress is a bit too weird.