Controversial Move Causes Public to Question Need for Norwegian Royalty


The Norwegian Royal Family has been rife with controversy lately. From rumblings of a possible separation of the Crown Princely couple, to the recent decision of the couple to send their children to private school, they’ve provided much to be debated over the past couple of months.

With every debate comes the ultimate query: Is royalty even needed anymore? The State explains the question at hand further:

In egalitarian Norway, the choice for the further education of 10-year-old Princess Ingrid Alexandra and 8-year-old Prince Sverre Magnus seemed a denunciation of the education of the rest of the children in this wealthy nation of only 5 million. But while a fuss over moving royals from classes with common children might seem a non-issue in the non-royal United States, it actually gets at a single question about much of the remaining royalty of Europe: Why?

The author continues:

Norwegian historian Finn Erhard Johannessen, from the University of Oslo, said supporting a royal family remained a source of pride in his nation but that there were limits.

“Norwegians like having a royal family,” he said. “But they don’t want them to act too royally.”

Polls indicate that about 4 of 5 Norwegians back the monarchy, though most of those essentially with a “why not?” instead of undying passion for the institution.

Johannessen said Norwegians thought their royals were nice people. Part of that is living like anyone else.

“People want the royal children to be in school with the children of immigrants,” he noted.

Anders Folkestad, the head of Norway’s teachers union, told local media that the move sends a bad message: “Does it say private schools are better than public? Must one go to an international school to learn English?” (The State)

The article goes on to discuss the monarchy’s past issues and its possible future.

It’s an interesting move on behalf of Crown Prince Haakon and Mette-Marit, and it leaves a lot to be answered. In a move they had to have known would have such repercussions, you have to wonder what could be so dire that they make this decision. 

Royal Rewind: Week of May 23, 2014

Princess Madeleine + Baby Leonore 3 Months

Note: Let’s skip to the good stuff. If you want day-by-day rundowns of what the royals around the world were up to this past week, this site is far better at keeping up than I am.

This week in Royal news…

Prince Charles compared Putin to Hitler during an official event on his and Camilla’s Canada Tour.

Prince Carl Philip celebrated his 35th birthday.

Prince George met his second-cousin Mia.

Crown Princess Victoria and Crown Prince Daniel met with the mayor of Hamburg for the second time.

The Queen visited the Chelsea Flower Show.

Prince Albert II went to a Louis Vuitton fashion show instead of his daughter’s graduation.

Princess Madeleine shared first family photo with Princess Leonore. (Pictured above.)

Princess Elena of Spain attended bullfight.

Prince Gabriel, son of Prince Louis and Princess Tessy of Luxembourg, celebrated his First Communion.

Royals celebrated 200th anniversary of Norway’s constitution at Danish Royal Opera House gala.

Around the web…

Kate won ‘best smile’ and ‘best hair’ of 2014.

Copenhagen nightclub owner refused to participate in book, said CCTV footage from the club would be enough to ‘shake the monarchy.’

Kim Kardashian reportedly (?) invited the Duchess of Cambridge to her wedding.

OK Magazine claims Kate pregnant with twin girls.

Op-Ed urges Kate to show us the ‘real Kate Middleton.’

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie of Denmark celebrate sixth wedding anniversary.

Who wore it better: Crown Princess Victoria vs. Natalie Portman.

The ‘oddest part‘ of  ‘I Wanna Marry ‘Harry” according to one writer.


Crown Pooches: Milly Kakao of Norway

Milly Kakao

In 2009, Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway announced a furry addition to their family: Milly Kakao.

Milly Kakao

Milly Kakao with Princess Ingrid

CP of Norway Milly 3

Milly Kakao CP Family

Milly Kakao

AOP-Mette-Marit AOP-mette-marit-haakon

Milly Milly-Kakao Milly Kakao

Milly is a labradoodle and a special member of the Norwegian Royal Family. She seems to go nearly everywhere with the bunch, from skiing and boating to the annual Norwegian Day festivities (see photos from this year here).

Last July the family released pictures of Milly and her (nine!) puppies. A few of which attended their first Norwegian Day last week.


I’m probably bias toward this pup, seeing as how she looks an awful lot like my beloved pooch, Patrick. 😉

The Future Kings and Queens of Europe

Future Kings and Queens of Europe

Future Kings and Queens of Europe As we wait for Prince George’s first official royal engagement to take place–a royal play group!–I figured it’d be a great time to introduce the future monarchs of Europe.

Starting with…

Princess Elisabeth of Belgium

Princess Élisabeth of Belgium

Born: 25 October 2001 (age 12) First in line of succession to her father, King Philippe of Belgium Princess-Catharina-Amalia

Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands

Born: 7 December 2003

Heiress apparent after her father, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. Princess Catharina-Amalia was a bridesmaid in the wedding of her godmother, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.


Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway

Born: 21 January 2004

Second in line to succession preceded by her father Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway, who is heir apparent of his father, Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway. Princess Ingrid was also a bridesmaid in the wedding of her godmother, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.

Prince Christian of Denmark

Prince Christian of Denmark

Born: 15 October 2005

Second in line of succession preceded by his father, Crown Prince Frederik, heir apparent to his mother, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. Prince Christian was a page boy in the wedding of his godmother, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.

Infanta Leonor of Spain

Infanta Leonor of Spain

Born: 31 October 2005

Second in line of succession preceded by her father, Felipe, Prince of Asturias, heir apparent to his father, King Juan Carlos I of Spain.

Princess Estelle of Sweden

Princess Estelle of Sweden

Born: 23 February 2012

Second in line of succession preceded by her mother,  Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, heiress apparent to her father, King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.

Prince George And of course…

Prince George of Cambridge

Born: 22 July 2013

Third in line of succession preceded by his father, Prince William, second in line to Prince Charles, heir apparent to his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

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