The Danish Royal Family Gets A Raise

Danish Royals Get a RaiseA new report has come out announcing the Danish Royal Family will receive an additional 8.7 million kroner ($1,538,420.74) for the next fiscal year — raising their annual pay to a total of 105.8 million Kroner ($18,567,146.85).

From what I gathered from the somewhat confusing Google translation of the article, the royals’ pay is increased along with the state’s average wage by law.

Here’s a breakdown of how the money is divided among the family:

Queen Margrethe 79 million kroner ($13,969,567.63)

Crown Prince Frederik 17.6 million kroner ($3,112,207.48)

Crown Princess Mary of 1.9 million kroner ($335,976.94)

Prince Joachim is 1,100,000.02 million kronor ($194,512.90)

Countess Alexandra (Prince Joachim’s ex wife): 2.3 million krone ($406,708.93)

Count Ingolf: 1.3 million kroner ($229,878.96)


h/t: Royal Dish

Style File: Last week’s looks that flopped

Style Files

Queen Mathilde's dress at the wedding of

While Queen Mathilde’s dress looked chic and was the perfect pick for the wedding of Prince Amadeo, eldest son of Princess Astrid and Prince Lorenz, in Rome on July 5th 2014, it’s her hat that landed her on last week’s list of fashion flops. Queen Maxima wore the same hat last month for the D-Day Memorial, but managed to pull it off. Queen Mathilde’s hat was a funky color, and was styled much differently than that of Queen Maxima’s. And, for a wedding, don’t we expect something far more fancy? I do!

Prince Joachim Camoflage Prince Joachim’s first wife, Countess Alexandra, threw a lavish party last weekend in celebration of her 50th birthday. This is what Joachim thought looked good before leaving the house palace. Did he want to blend in during the event? If so, he clearly managed to accomplish the complete opposite. I can’t get over how terrible it is! Cringe!

FFN_FLYUK_Royals_TourdeFrance_070514_51469877Prince Harry. The pants, trousers, whatever you call them, we can all agree are horrific. Did he spill something on his original pair? Did he have to borrow a pair from someone last minute? Did his iron break? Did no one tell him they looked terrible? Or did they look better in person? So many questions, so few answers. And I demand answers, because there is no reason these should have happened.

wenn21514926Queen Letizia really shouldn’t be on this list. This look is only a slight miss, and far from a faux pas. However, the color of pants make it a miss, nonetheless. Had she picked a different shade, or color altogether, we wouldn’t have her on the list at all. But the light yellow just isn’t doing it for this look. But then again, she would make a potato sack look regal, the lady exudes royal.

kate-middleton-tour-de-france-green-dress-splThe duchess and this horrible, horrible coat.  We thought–hoped–we’d seen the last of it, and hardly expected to see it in July, nonetheless. A wool, green coat midsummer? I feel like this may be her rebelling against the demands for her to keep her derriere covered, and she’s saying, “Oh yeah, I’ll show you covered!” It seems as if passive-aggressiveness runs rampant in this royal family… but we’ll never know for sure. All we know is Kate clearly thinks this coat is amazing. (P.S. What do you think about her new hair? It hasn’t been noticed by most media outlets, so I think it’s not much of a change at all…)


tumblr_n8252dAbPV1rvo6i7o1_1280Princess Beatrice looked absolutely stunning last week at the Serpentine Gallery summer party. She pretty much made up for last week’s fashion misses.


Royals in the Military

After Prince William’s latest announcement regarding his career now that he is officially retired from the RAF, and with the upcoming book about the lives of RAF wives and Kate’s foreward, I thought it’d be a great time to recap some royals in the military. (Click the photo for the caption.)

Do you think Kate will follow suit of the other Crown Princesses and do basic training?