A new baby prince & other royal news from Sweden

It’s been far too long since a proper royal update, and for that I am truly sorry. Sadly, this is merely a side hobby, and real life obligations take precedence. Le sigh. But I’m here now, so let’s get on with it, shall we? 


Sweden’s Prince Carl Philip & Princess Sofia welcomed a sweet baby boy to their family of three! I have to admit, I love the low-key approach they take to presenting him to the world. The Swedish royals are just so… relatable? (As much as one can relate to a royal family. 😉 )  The name of the new baby has yet to be revealed.

Princess Madeleine Baby Announcement

In other exciting Swedish family news… Princess Madeleine revealed on her Facebook that she & Chris are expecting baby no. 3! I love how she communicates directly with everyone on Facebook. I wonder if Kate will someday do the same… (highly doubtful, but a gal can dream).



The Christening of Prince Nicolas of Sweden (In Photos)

Prince Nicolas baptismPrince Nicolas baptismPrince Nicolas baptism Prince Nicolas baptism Prince Nicolas baptism

The Prince was christened Nicolas Paul Gustaf

People magazine writes:

When it comes to royal christenings, Princess Charlotte may have some competition.

Sweden’s newest little prince, H.R.H. Prince Nicolas Paul Gustaf, Duke of Angermanland, was baptized in royal splendor at the Royal Chapel in the Drottningholm Palace, Stockholm, on Sunday.

Nicolas, the son of Princess Madeleine, 33, and her British-American husband Christopher O’Neill, 41, was born on June 15, only a few days after his parents attended the royal wedding for Madeleine’s older brother Prince Carl Philip. Nicolas’ connection to his uncle will be further cemented at the christening, as Carl Philip is set to serve as his godfather. The handsome prince is no stranger to godfather duty – he is already one to Nicolas’ cousin Princess Estelle.

Much like the British royal family, the Swedes have christening traditions of their own. Nicolas wore a christening gown that had previously been worn by Carl Philip during his christening in 1979.

Nicolas’ christening marks the third major royal baptism of this year. Monaco’s royal twins, Gabriella ThĂ©rĂ©se Marie and Jacques HonorĂ© Rainier Grimaldi, were christened in May, while Prince William and Princess Kate‘s daughter was baptized in July.

As with Charlotte’s christening, Nicolas’ elder sibling, 19-month-old Princess Leonore, stole the show.

Can we just take a minute to talk about how STUNNING Princess Madeleine looks? She exudes happiness and it’s absolutely wonderful to see.

Prince-Nicolas-Sweden-Christening-Pictures (1)

On a gossip note: It seems that Emma Pernald, Prince Carl Philip’s ex before Sofia was invited to be a guest, seeing as how she’s one of Madeleine’s best friends, but was asked not to attend at the request of Carl Philip and Sofia? So many questions, so little time. I can kind of see that happening. But I don’t know, do Carl Philip and Sofia really have that much power?

Princess Leonore of Sweden at the Pumpkin Patch

Princess Leonore

I love that Princess Madeleine shares snippets of her family’s life on Facebook. Not too much, but just enough. I think it’s such a great way of meeting the people/media halfway. I think Kate and William could learn a lot from royals that embrace this way of compromising.

Anyway, this particular post Princess Madeleine shared of Princess Leonore at the pumpkin patch was too cute not to share. Look at her cute bow! And those leopard shoes!


Queen Silvia and Princess Madeleine of Sweden at the 15th Anniversary of World Childhood Foundation

World Childhood Foundation World Childhood FoundationPrincess Madeleine has been busy these last few months back in her home country of Sweden. She had the baptism of her baby daughter, celebrating her sister’s birthday, vacationing in Italy, and so much more.

Yesterday and today she is celebrating the 15th anniversary of the World Childhood Foundation, which she has been working for for years alongside her mother, Queen Silvia.

Monday, September 8 and Tuesday 9 September highlighted the World Childhood Foundation’s 15th anniversary in Stockholm. Yesterday a dinner was hosted. Today, World Childhood Foundation’s annual meeting took place. The Queen welcomed chairman Kenneth Bengtsson. They discussed the plans for the coming year. The annual meeting ended by Princess Madeleine, who talked about ThankYou village Childhood, a global initiative that aims to highlight the importance of a safe and loving childhood. (Happy Swedes)

Princess Madeleine Participates in #tbt, Raises Awareness

Princess Madeleine with her Pet Bunny

Princess Madeleine with her Pet BunnyWhile some are critical of Princess Madeleine and her living in NYC, I think she receives an unfair amount of criticism. Though she is not necessarily making the rounds on the royal circuit in Europe, she seems to do an incredible amount of work with various organizations, and works hard at spreading awareness. She is one of the only royals with an official Facebook page, and she updates it regularly with numerous articles, links, and other stories to raise awareness for the organizations she supports, like World Childhood Organization and ThankYou.org.

Speaking of which, she shared this on her Facebook page today:


Today, in the spirit of “Throwback Thursday” (#TBT) I share a story from my own childhood and say #thankyou to someone special. Read my post, then dedicate a free song and $5 will go to help protect children.

You can read her sweet story here.

Perhaps I am just bias, but it seems she uses her name for good, and draws attention to many important issues without making it all about her. 

Bravo, Princess Madeleine! Your passion is evident and praiseworthy.


Royal DoppelgĂ€ngers: Princess Madeleine and Kate Upton

Royal doppelgĂ€ngerI initially thought Princess Madeleine looked more like Margot Robbie, but I think she and Kate Upton could be sisters. Though the noses are noticeably different in their shapes, their face shapes and eyes are ridiculously similar. I think she’s a cross between Margot Robbie and Kate Upton… tough being the hybrid of two movie star beauties. 🙂

What do you think?

More engagement photos released of Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist

Prince Carl Philip EngagementPrince Carl Philip Engagement Prince Carl Philip Engagement Prince Carl Philip EngagementAfter announcing their engagement last week, new engagement photos of Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist have been released.

It’s interesting to note that since the announcement, Princess Madeleine is the only member of the royal family to have sent her congratulations “formally,” with an announcement on her official Facebook page.

It’s also to be noted the amount of controversy swirling around Sofia Hellqvist.

I don’t know what to think of it all. What is your take?