The Top 5 Royal Wedding Looks: Flower Girls and Pageboys

5. The wedding of Crown Princess Victoria to Daniel Westling

Royal Flower Girls and Page BoysI’m not a fan of the flower girls’ dresses, however, the pageboy outfits make up for it in their cuteness. Plus, having the future Queens of Norway, and Belgium, plus the future King of Denmark makes this group extra darling.

4. The wedding of Hereditary Grand Duke Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg to Stéphanie de Lannoy’s

Royal Flower Girls and Page BoysThe colors, though a nice tribute to their country, were a tad too much for such an occasion…however, the literal cut of the dresses and suits were perfection. Had the colors been used more as accents, not the entire outfit, this group would have won by a landslide.

3. The wedding of Princess Madeleine to Chris O’Neill

Royal Flower Girls and Page BoysThe color palette was phenomenal. I love the use of white for the dresses, and how they don’t look too ‘bride-y’ — if you will. The flower girl dresses, plus their frilly socks and shoes, and tiny bouquets are precious. However, I think the older flower girl’s dress could have a been a bit longer. The pageboys’ outfits are sweet, but just seemed a bit unfinished… I can’t quite put my finger on it, though.

2. The wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton

Royal Flower Girls and Page BoysThis was a tough call. I loved these outfits so much, and thought the kids added so much personality to the wedding, but they lacked in uniqueness. The Spanish royal wedding oozed of cultural influence, and while the British royal wedding had the pageboys uniforms, the little flower girl dresses were… predictable. But, that doesn’t mean they weren’t absolutely darling.

1. The wedding of Prince Felipe of Spain to Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano

Royal Flower Girls and Page Boys

Royal Flower Girls and Page Boys The colors. The sashes. The ode to the country and its culture. The buckles on the shoes. The frills. THIS is how you do a royal wedding.

Bonus: The wedding of Prince Charles to Diana Spencer

Royal Flower Girls and Page BoysIn terms of candid royal wedding photos of all time, this is in my top three. But this is about the flower girls and pageboys… I love these dresses. They complemented Diana’s dress wonderfully. I think, however, the material looks a little too much like knit sheets, and I am not a huge fan of the flower crowns. The little shoes are so sweet and classic, though.

Royal Rewind: Week of May 23, 2014

Princess Madeleine + Baby Leonore 3 Months

Note: Let’s skip to the good stuff. If you want day-by-day rundowns of what the royals around the world were up to this past week, this site is far better at keeping up than I am.

This week in Royal news…

Prince Charles compared Putin to Hitler during an official event on his and Camilla’s Canada Tour.

Prince Carl Philip celebrated his 35th birthday.

Prince George met his second-cousin Mia.

Crown Princess Victoria and Crown Prince Daniel met with the mayor of Hamburg for the second time.

The Queen visited the Chelsea Flower Show.

Prince Albert II went to a Louis Vuitton fashion show instead of his daughter’s graduation.

Princess Madeleine shared first family photo with Princess Leonore. (Pictured above.)

Princess Elena of Spain attended bullfight.

Prince Gabriel, son of Prince Louis and Princess Tessy of Luxembourg, celebrated his First Communion.

Royals celebrated 200th anniversary of Norway’s constitution at Danish Royal Opera House gala.

Around the web…

Kate won ‘best smile’ and ‘best hair’ of 2014.

Copenhagen nightclub owner refused to participate in book, said CCTV footage from the club would be enough to ‘shake the monarchy.’

Kim Kardashian reportedly (?) invited the Duchess of Cambridge to her wedding.

OK Magazine claims Kate pregnant with twin girls.

Op-Ed urges Kate to show us the ‘real Kate Middleton.’

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie of Denmark celebrate sixth wedding anniversary.

Who wore it better: Crown Princess Victoria vs. Natalie Portman.

The ‘oddest part‘ of  ‘I Wanna Marry ‘Harry” according to one writer.