Prince William Announces Plans to Put Off Royal Duties for Job As Air Ambulance Pilot

Prince William Announces Plans for New Job…surprises no one.

We all saw this coming. Despite the £4.5 million renovations done on Kensington Palace, Prince William and Kate Middleton are hightailing it out of London for greener pastures.

Since leaving the RAF at Anglesey, where he was based for more than three years, William, 32, has been eager to get back to flying and is set to complete what officials call “a mandatory period of training this autumn and winter.”

He will start work at the area bases at Cambridge and Norwich airports in spring 2015, flying night and day shifts, which will allow for him and wife Kate, also 32, to live primarily at Anmer Hall, their 10-bedroom mansion near Sandringham. The home is undergoing renovations and it is known that the couple want to use it as their base. Although Kensington Palace is the main official residence, they will settle in their country home. “They want to live up there as much as possible,” a source close to them tells PEOPLE.

“They are going to be Norfolk-based and coming to London every so often, rather than London-based and going off for a weekend in Norfolk,” the source says. (People)

Celebitchy — one of my favorite sites for celebrity/royal news — had a lot of good points to make. Like how their essentially creating a job for William out of thin-air… pun intended. Oh, and a commenter smartly pointed out that while his salary will be contributed to charity, it’s still a salary that could be given to other, non-royals, in need of a job pilots.

I’m slowly becoming more and more over these two. What about you?

Royal Rewind: Week of June 6, 2014


QE II + Q M of DenmarkNote: Let’s skip to the good stuff. If you want day-by-day rundowns of what the royals around the world were up to this past week, this site is far better at keeping up than I am.

This week in Royal news…

The Queen celebrated her coronation anniversary the same day King Juan Carlos announced abdication.

The Danish Royal Family celebrated Prince Consort Henrik’s 80th birthday.

The Queen opened Parliament.

Crown Princess Victoria presented the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.

King Carl XVI Gustaf attended veteran ceremony.

Prince Felipe spoke at ‘Marques de Viana’ Awards.

King Filip of Belgium met with President Barack Obama.

The British Royals paid respect for D-Day in Normandy along with various other royalty from around the world. (Including QEII and Queen Margrethe of Denmark, pictured above.)

Around the web…

Grace Kelly’s life in photos.

A thorough examination of Prince Harry’s love life; Past, present, and perhaps, future.

Queen Maxima and Obama seemed to hit it off.

This selfie will never get old.

Hashtag for Princess Leonore’s christening is set. (Yes, that sentence says exactly what I intended.)

Pump. The. Breaks.

After 39 Years on the Throne, King Juan Carlos I Announces Abdication

SPAIN-POLITICS-ROYALS-ABDICATIONWhile most were transfixed to their television screens last night watching the fictional Game of Thrones, those on the Spanish court were preparing the announcement of the latest move of their own throne.

King Juan Carlos AbdicationAdmittedly a shock to most royal watchers, King Juan Carlos I had been swimming in more and more controversy as of late, and abdication had been a topic of more discussion.

SPAIN-POLITICS-ROYALS-ABDICATIONOn the heels of the abdication of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands in January of 2013, and King Albert II of Belgium in July of 2013, some think this is becoming a trend. Going out ‘on top.’

Though many Swedes reportedly wish their King–King Carl XVI Gustaf–to do the same, it’s quite unlikely. He is still young (68), respectively, and Crown Princess Victoria still has a young, growing family.

Crown Prince Frederik is known as ‘the reluctant King,’ so I think the same is to be said for the Danish royals–not just yet.

As for Queen Elizabeth II, as much as Prince Charles may have urged his mother to relinquish the throne to him in the past, I think he has accepted the fact that she will stick to what she had said more than 65 years ago on her 21st birthday:

“I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service and to the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong.”

As pointed out by many on Twitter, every heir (aside from CP Victoria) will soon be under 12 years old, except for England, where the heir is nearly 70.

Nonetheless, an exciting day for royal news, especially soon-to-be King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia*!

*Queen Consort

Gone with the Wind(sors): A Tale of One Duchess and her Derrière

Privacy: The Duchess of Cambridge is at the centre of a new privacy row after Bild in Germany published a picture of her bottom, alongside images of reality TV star Kim Kardashian and her sister Khloe
Privacy: The Duchess of Cambridge is at the centre of a new privacy row after Bild in Germany published a picture of her bottom, alongside images of reality TV star Kim Kardashian and her sister Khloe

Pixelated Princess

The Daily Mail blurred Kate’s bum. I seriously think they may have a member of the design department dedicated to blurring these indiscretions.

Yet another pictures has surfaced featuring the Duchess’s bum. One bystander of the event came forward recently with the photo. This “breach of privacy” happened literally days after Kate’s infamous landing in New Zealand first thing of the tour.

And, as I mentioned long ago, this wasn’t her first “Marilyn Moment.” For pete’s sake, there are enough moments like this that some sites have compiled slideshows.

The Ingenious that is ‘Underwear’

Here’s the thing: upon Kate’s first incident–of this tour–she should have either inserted weights in her hems, or worn a slip. Or maybe, I don’t know, a pair of underwear (call me crazy)... Heck, had I been her I would have put on Spanx over a pair of underwear–and most likely I would now be a never-nude a la Tobias Fuenke.

Royal DishI think that’s the reaction many would have after such incidents.

But really, she should have had such reactions after the first time it happened on tour, in Canada. The fact that those are among the first photos that pop up when you search “Kate Middleton Canada” should be a wake up call. And the fact that when you type in “Kate Middleton Dre…” it autocorrects with “Kate Middleton Dress Blows Up,” would make you think she’d be a bit more thoughtful about her undergarments in the future.

Breach of Privacy or Breach of Wardrobe?

So was it a “breach of privacy?” Firstly: I’m against the selling of such photos that someone has snapped, accidentally or purposely… but I do think calling this incident a “breach of privacy” is a stretch. It was at a public event. She was aware of the task at hand and the appropriate thing to wear. She decided against protecting herself from such incidents and decided to take a chance.

In fact, it wasn’t even a “wardrobe malfunction.” Everything functioned correctly. Her dress was made to flutter should there be wind. Her lack of underwear (or whatever she did wear) kept her bum uncovered, and voila. It’s not rocket science.

And had it been a “wardrobe malfunction,” she is still responsible. When Janet Jackson coined the phrase, she and the CBS network faced large fines…

How to stop your Marilyn moments, Kate

When articles are dedicated to informing you of how not to flash your bum, it’s time to take a hint.


Royals Itinerary Down Under Revealed: Part I.

With Prince George in tow, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will spend the first half of their Royal tour in New Zealand, according to the latest itinerary reports.

Wine tasting, city strolls, and yacht races, oh my!

It’s being reported that they only have two days off during the first half of the 10-day tour. How they will manage, I’m not sure. But then again, wineries, exploring, and yacht races are activities us peasants would only dream of doing on our vacations.

A Royal makeover?

Only a few weeks ago, “insider” sources revealed the Queen’s displeasure with Kate’s fashion. Hemlines too short and hair too long were among the things the Queen could reportedly do without. Oh, and more gems. The Queen would like to see Kate wearing more tiaras and jewels. (More jewels? The audacity!) These reports gained more clout when we saw Kate at the National Portrait Gallery wearing a necklace the Queen had received as a wedding gift from the King Nizam of Hyderabad.

Marilyn Monroe or Duchess?

While I think Kate’s fashion is, for the most part, pretty much perfection, I do agree something has to be done about those hemlines. The Queen has had weights inserted for years to avoid those “Marilyn Monroe” wardrobe malfunctions, but Kate has yet to do the same, and it is getting to be a bit much.

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge as she receives flowers from a child as she arrives for her charity visit to Clifford Chance in the Canary Wharf

As for her hair, perhaps the Queen merely wants to prevent another Remembrance Day hair-twirling fiasco from happening. Can you blame her? Oh Kate, keep your head (hair included) in the game!

Kate Middleton Photographed Twirling Hair at Remembrance Day Memorial

But I hardly think Kate will be parting with her locks anytime soon. After all, it’s an iconic do leaving millions around the world with major hair envy… While she may make a change to it, I don’t suspect it will be anything drastic. Maybe a few inches off and a bit of a bang (or, erm, fringe…).

One thing’s for sure…

This tour will answer all of these burning questions and has the power to make or break their (already tarnished) public image.

Put another shrimp on the barbie, I’m ready to see what is in store for this Royal tour!

Let’s dive in, shall we?


William and Kate are currently relaxing in the Maldives before their upcoming tour down under. Some speculate that they are also “recuperating” from the “exhaustive work” they’ve done so far in 2014 (which hasn’t been much).

Aside from his 10-week course at Cambridge, the Duke of Cambridge has done a few public appearances such as the BAFTAs, and helping in flood relief efforts in Berkshire with Harry.



While the Duchess has only done a handful of appearances thus far.

First there was the Portrait Gala for the National Portrait Gallery, for whom she is a patron.


Only a few days later, Kate made an appearance at a London High School for the opening of its Art Room, for whom she’s been a Royal Patron since 2012.


To finish off her week of work (for the year, thus far) Kate attended the Royal Reception for the Dramatic Arts.


The two have already done their share of vacationing, as well.

Kate and Prince George flew to Mustique for a week with the Middleton’s, while William stayed behind presumably because of his Cambridge coursework.


Curiously enough, upon Kate and baby George’s return to England, William took off to hunt for the weekend in Spain. (With ex Jecca Craig, no less.)


Poor timing, indeed.

After his trip to Spain, where he was hunting, William spoke out at the London wildlife summit against the illegal wildlife trade.


Utterly exhausted from the amount of “work” listed here?

Well apparently, so are Will and Kate. So much so they’ve jaunted off this past weekend to the Maldives, leaving Prince George behind. This move isn’t sitting well with those already weary of the royals and their work ethic… the Royal PR machine must be at its wits-end.

But they’re not stupid.

In the same week Will and Kate leave both fans and critics scratching their heads, the media has come out with claims that Harry and Cressida are “official.”

Well, they attended the same event, at least. An official event for Harry, which Cressida happened to attend with friends, and ran into Harry.


Apparently for the media this insinuates a proposal on the horizon. But I’m not so convinced.

But an immediate date to a rugby match following just days later… well maybe they’re onto something.


Except they forget Harry dated Chelsy Davy for years while being openly affectionate, and that ended without a ring. So who really knows?

But I do applaud the shift of focus to take the heat off of Will and Kate… because they are certainly getting enough of that on their sunny vacation.