Royal Rewind: Week of May 16, 2014

Princess Ingrid Alexandra attends Parliament 2014

Note: Let’s skip to the good stuff. If you want day-by-day rundowns of what the royals around the world were up to this past week, this site is far better at keeping up than I am.

This week in Royal news…

Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway attended her first Parliament session, and looked darling. (Pictured above.)

Prince William and Prince Charles fought about getting rid of collection of ivory. (Parents, am I right? The old ‘burning the ivory” bickering.)

Prince William became president of scuba club (clearly stepping up his work load…) and said he hopes Prince George will follow in his father’s scuba fins steps.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark showed support for Eurovision.

The Duke of Cambridge stepped out for first engagement since tour.

The King of Sweden presented scholarships for 50th Anniversary Fund for Science, Technology, and the Environment.

Prince Harry sent his ‘first’ tweet.

Zara Phillips celebrated her 33rd birthday.

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands attended concert for the elderly.

Crown Princess Victoria presented award at recycling day.

Prince Harry on tour to Estonia and Italy to celebrate war heroes. (And flew EasyJet.)

Around the web…

Ralph Lauren peeved at Kate’s no-show at event.

Prince Harry had all kinds of fun during his Memphis jaunt, including an anonymous blonde…

‘Grace of Monaco’ film receives ‘worse reviews than Diana.’ (Meaning it must be terrible.)

Prince Harry put in ‘offer’ of dreamy pub.

The Queen’s latest portrait (the one where she smiles) now in color.


Royal Rewind: Week of April 4, 2014

William and Kate St. Andrews' graduation 2005

This past week in Royal news…

Since releasing last week’s latest family portrait, many have pointed out the similarities between Prince George and his mother, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Prince William, Prince Harry, and Kate attended friends’ Lucy Meade and Charlie Budgett’s wedding. Cressida was not in attendance.

Kate shopped at the Gap, 500 yards from Kensington Palace, while security waited outside in running vehicle.

Prince William, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen unveiled a new horse statue among cherry blossoms.

Worries grow as details continue to be released regarding the Royal tour Down Under.

Queen still kindles her love of horses at age 88.

The Duke of York, Prince Andrew, was bitten by the selfie bug.

Princess Eugenie visited hospital where she underwent spinal surgery as a child, opened a new wing.

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh met with the Pope at Vatican. Pope presented gift for Prince George.

Harry and Cressida’s engagement will be ‘sooner than many people think.’

Prince Harry visited Olympic Park, cuteness ensues.

Around the web…

Great piece from Victoria Arbiter, a second-generation Royals correspondent, on living at Kensington Palace.

Who wore it best from the ladies at Go Fug Yourself, as awesome as you’d expect.

PopSugar covered the ‘Evolution of the Royal Portrait.’

Kate Middleton Review wrote insightful piece on Kate’s shopping trip to the Gap.

Love, Lola wrote about the possible reasons Cressida wasn’t at the ‘Walking with the Wounded’ charity event, and also Royal bling. Both topics that prove more than intriguing.

And, as expected, everyone’s prepping for the Royal Tour… less than two days to go! More details to follow…

Royals Itinerary Down Under Revealed: Part I.

With Prince George in tow, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will spend the first half of their Royal tour in New Zealand, according to the latest itinerary reports.

Wine tasting, city strolls, and yacht races, oh my!

It’s being reported that they only have two days off during the first half of the 10-day tour. How they will manage, I’m not sure. But then again, wineries, exploring, and yacht races are activities us peasants would only dream of doing on our vacations.

A Royal makeover?

Only a few weeks ago, “insider” sources revealed the Queen’s displeasure with Kate’s fashion. Hemlines too short and hair too long were among the things the Queen could reportedly do without. Oh, and more gems. The Queen would like to see Kate wearing more tiaras and jewels. (More jewels? The audacity!) These reports gained more clout when we saw Kate at the National Portrait Gallery wearing a necklace the Queen had received as a wedding gift from the King Nizam of Hyderabad.

Marilyn Monroe or Duchess?

While I think Kate’s fashion is, for the most part, pretty much perfection, I do agree something has to be done about those hemlines. The Queen has had weights inserted for years to avoid those “Marilyn Monroe” wardrobe malfunctions, but Kate has yet to do the same, and it is getting to be a bit much.

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge as she receives flowers from a child as she arrives for her charity visit to Clifford Chance in the Canary Wharf

As for her hair, perhaps the Queen merely wants to prevent another Remembrance Day hair-twirling fiasco from happening. Can you blame her? Oh Kate, keep your head (hair included) in the game!

Kate Middleton Photographed Twirling Hair at Remembrance Day Memorial

But I hardly think Kate will be parting with her locks anytime soon. After all, it’s an iconic do leaving millions around the world with major hair envy… While she may make a change to it, I don’t suspect it will be anything drastic. Maybe a few inches off and a bit of a bang (or, erm, fringe…).

One thing’s for sure…

This tour will answer all of these burning questions and has the power to make or break their (already tarnished) public image.

Put another shrimp on the barbie, I’m ready to see what is in store for this Royal tour!